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From Chris Albanese: Scheduler: Add to the information that gets saved to your Outlook / Google Calendar event

Introduction If you use Salesforce Scheduler with the Event Management feature and you use Einstein Activity Capture to sync the Salesforce Event Calendar to Outlook or Google Calendar, you can easily control the information that is written from the Scheduler Service Appointment to your Outlook/GCal event. With a simple flow configuration, you can write your […]

From Chris Albanese: Scheduler: Multi-Resource Scheduling – Default additional resource(s)

Introduction Often times customers who use Multi-resource scheduling would like to default or automatically select the additional resource(s). For example, when scheduling a meeting with your portfolio advisor, you would like her assistant automatically added to every appointment and you want the available time slots to reflect this. With a few simple flow configurations and […]

Extended Working Hours for Privileged Customers

Problem Statement Consider a bank with Operating hours 9AM to 5PM and a wealth manager Sam who works flexible hours 8AM to 6PM. During regular operating hours Sam is available to take any type of appointments, however for “Privileged” customers he doesn’t mind talking to them as early as 8AM and as late as up […]

From Pratyush Kumar : Orchestrate Appointment Experience based on Language selected

Introduction : This blog suggests a way that allows appointment booking with service resources who have support for a set of languages. Thus, we will be adding language support to our existing Appointment Booking flows. Problem Statement: Let’s say we have a Service Resource who can speak only a certain set of languages, say Hindi […]

From Adwait : Email Appointment Confirmation with Video Conferencing Information (3rd Party) included

Introduction This blog will cover the scenarios for a salesforce user to integrate third party web conferencing tools which provide video appointments (like zoom, WebEx, MS team) and send an email confirmation including those details for the recipient to attend the meeting. We will follow the following steps in order : We will be covering […]