Dedupe Record Collection


Contributed by Adam White & Danny Tilton


Returns a set of de-duped records based on the field you specify.

For example, you could de-dupe a set of Accounts based on OwnerId, then loop over each of the Accounts to grab its Owner to email on a nightly schedule. I think where this would come in handy is if you needed to grab other details about the record you’re de-duping on. Let’s say in your email to the Record Owner you wanted to give a few details about the record – that’s where you’d want this action.


  • Object Type
  • inputRecordCollection – The collection you want to de-dupe
  • fieldToDedupeOn – The API Name of the unique field values you want to de-dupe all of the records on


  • Object Type
  • outputRecordCollection

Use Cases

Install as part of Collection Actions package.