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The Get Limits component is designed to assist with exposing Salesforce governor limits within Flow via a simple unmanaged package.  In many instances in order to get to this data, you need to dig through your flow’s debug logs to determine there’s no potential issues.  This app allows you to easily surface that information within an action step right within your existing flow and then also take action on the outputs if necessary.

Installing Get Limits

Follow the steps below to install the Get Limits package:

  1. Navigate to the AppExchange from your Salesforce instance or go directly to the AppExchange listing for Get Limits at the following url:
  2. Click the ‘Get it Now’ button from the AppExchange listing
  1. Select to log into the AppExchange via your Salesforce credentials
  1. Select the environment where you would like to install the application
    1. Important Note: We recommend that you always install the application in your sandbox environment first for testing before installing directly in your production environment
  1. If you are already logged into the Salesforce instance where you will be installing, you will be redirected to a confirmation page for the installation. Otherwise, if you are installing to a different instance of Salesforce, you will be brought to a login screen where you can enter the credentials for that environment.
  2. Next, you will be prompted to select the profiles that will be able to access the installed application. For the purposes of Get Limits, you can leave the default of ‘Install for Admins Only’ selected and then click the Install button
  1. The application is now queued up to install in your Salesforce instance
    1. In most cases, this page will automatically refresh noting that the package was either successfully installed or it failed installation.
    2. For orgs that have complex logic/code already applied, it may take longer for the installation process. In this case, an email will be sent to the email address associated to the user who performed the installation either confirming success or failure of the installation

Implementing Get Limits in Flow

The Get Limits app is a single action that can be used in Flow. Simply invoke the Get Limits action in your Flow:

Then run your flow through the standard debugging capabilities. The output of the action shape will result in something like the following:

If necessary, the action can be invoked several times within a flow. Additionally, the outputs of the action above can be usedlater within your flow if certain decisions or paths need to be followed based on the results:

An example of this may be around maxing out the number of query rows or perhaps when the query rows exceed a specific number, you may want to notify your system administrator.

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