Here’s a Better Way to Debug a Screen Flow

Created by Eric Smith

This Post was most recently updated on: 3/17/23
Current Version: 1.2

Have you ever wished you could debug a screen flow using the same UI that you have when you are debugging a triggered flow?

Record Triggered Flow Debugger

You get to see the path taken through the flow and you can chose to expose or hide the details behind each of the executed nodes in the flow.

This is much easier then what you get with a screen flow, which is an almost endless run-on list of everything that happened in the flow.

Screen Flow Debugger

When debugging a screen flow, you are constantly having to scroll and search trying to find the exact information you need to debug your flow.

Wouldn’t something like this make debugging a screen flow much easier?

Screen Flow Debugging Improved

I’ve created a special subflow you can install in your orgs and use in your screen flows to give you this improved debugging experience. You simply insert this subflow into your screen flow where you want it to stop. You then execute the flow from the system or directly from the flow builder debug button. An error will be generated when reaching the subflow and you will get an email with a link that, when clicked, will take you to the flow builder in debug mode with the path outlined and each individual step available to separately review.

If you want to be able to execute your flow both with or without triggering the debug error, just follow these steps.

  • Create an boolean variable called vDebug and make it available for input

Add the “Debug – Force Flow Error – Subflow” subflow to your flow and pass in your vDebug variable. If the value of the variable is True or you don’t pass in anything (Default=True), the error will be triggered. If you pass in a value of False (vDebug was not checked), the error will be bypassed and your flow will continue normally.

  • When debugging the screen flow from the Flow Builder, check the checkbox for vDebug
  • When you run your flow, you will get an error message when the subflow is executed
  • You will also get an error email with a link you can click to be taken to your flow with the improved debugger UI

TIP: You can Cut/Paste the error node to move it around your flow to try out different debugging scenarios.


Production or Developer Version 1.2
Sandbox Version 1.2

Post Installation: Make sure the flow “Debug – Force Flow Error – Subflow” is Activated

Package Contents:

  • Custom Object – DebugForceError__c
    • Custom Field – ForceValidationError__c
    • Validation Rule – TriggerFlowError
    • Page Layout
  • Flow – Debug_Force_Flow_Error_Subflow


  • The screen flow version being debugged must be in Auto-Layout mode
  • The screen flow version being debugged must be Active
  • There is a limit to the size of the Flow Interview that may cause the email link to not be available. (I’m not sure yet how big that is)
  • You must be a user who receives flow error emails (see documentation)