How To: Access Unique Community Cloud Features for Next Best Action

Create Action Strategies that Respond to Searches
If you place an NBA component on a Community Cloud Search Results page, it will automatically receive a refresh request that includes the search string typed in by the user, allowing strategies to be created based on the search text. In this example, the strategy looks for searches that include the words “error” or “code” and shows a troubleshooter.

Note that when the term ‘espresso’ is typed, it doesn’t return any recommendations, and the Suggested Actions component does not display at all. This uses the “Hide Empty Component” checkbox.

The search string is available to the NBA strategy in the form of the $ global variable.

Create Action Strategies that Respond to Case Creation

When a case is created in Community Cloud, an internal event is fired that will be detected by the NBA component if it has been placed on the Case Confirmation page, causing the NBA component to refresh. The request made to the NBA engine will include the following global variables that can be used by the customer: $Request.subject and $Request.description.