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Lightning Record Page Component, Utility Bar Component

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Created by Eric Smith – August 2018


This is a generic Lightning Component that can be used in a Page Layout or on a Utility Bar.

It will close any open tabs and sub-tabs in a console application.

I wrote this component to solve the issue raised in this idea:

Lightning Console: Close all tabs option


The component takes a single parameter: Close Pinned Tabs?

The default is false, which will leave any pinned tabs open. If set to true, then all tabs will be closed.


When adding this component to a Utility Bar, I set:

  • Label to Close Tabs
  • Icon to filter
  • Width to 100
  • Height to 75
  • Close Pinned Tabs? to your choice of checked or unchecked


Select Close Tabs from the Utility Bar and press the Close Tabs button