Installation (Unmanaged v2.3)

Installation (Managed v2.2)

Source Code


10/29/19 – With the new release of Winter ’20, you will need to make sure you select the “Manually assign variables (advanced)” checkbox and set your output parameters to variable resources you have created in your flow.

7/1 Bug Fixes- Error handling for Required attribute & handle ‘ character in a field value (Install package v2.3)

3/22 Bug Fixes (Install package v2.2)

3/6 Bug fix (removed jQuery)

2/23 Misc changes.

8/11 Added ability to group multiple Parent/Child components on a single flow screen.  Eric Smith – August 2018

7/22 Added ability to set default: You can enter a default value for the input field (I2_Display Which Field). When provided, it will override any WhereClause and display the default value as Placeholder text in the input field. You will still need to select the drop-down then select the single value that is displayed. If you start to overtype the input field, the default value will be cleared and the WhereClause (if provided) will be reset and the field will act like a normal filtered lookup with search.  Eric Smith – July 2018

6/15 Another fix for the jquery issue. also fixed the default value for I4_Output Which Field as Value?

6/11 Another try at fixing the jquery issue. also Eric fixed a Parent Child bug.

6/3 the Summer version was also published accidentally without jquery! fixed now.

5/7 released new managed package version with some bug fixes

4/15 Published v1.6 adds two different ways to filter the results (where clause and specific field) and allows Dependent Lookups, courtesy of @datapharmer and @ericrsmith35

2/28 Published V1.4 Fixed missing JQuery in package to eliminate “Hover” bug

Sample Component Setup

The flow screen image at the top of this page includes 5 lookup components.  The Primary Contact(2) is a child of the Bill To Account(1) and the Delivery Contact(4) and Service Address(5) are children of the Deliver To Account(3).