We’re always looking for people who want to get involved! You don’t have to be a Flow expert.

If you’re an Admin looking to get more involved with the Flowhana…

Some great ways you can help build the site:

  • Pick a piece of the Flow Wiki that needs attention and add some content to it by searching out useful articles and information on the web and adding it.
  • Get familiar with the different extension on UnofficialSF and keep your eyes out for questions on the web and Trailblazer Community where an UnofficialSF may provide a solution.
  • Try out newly published extensions and new Flow functionality and blog about your experience. We’ll publish you, or if you have your own blog, we’ll blog about you and send you traffic.

If you’re a Beginner Developer looking to build your skills:

Our Developer resources start here. Consider taking an existing extension and improving it in a small way. That way you don’t have to start from scratch. When you’re done, create a pull request to contribute your improvement to the published versions of the source code and the package

If you’re a Seasoned Developer looking to build your profile in the community:

  • Let us know when you do your own posting on Flow topics so we can drive some traffic over to you
  • Keep an eye out for comments on extensions where users are reporting bugs or making feature requests. We really appreciate help making extensions better