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Note: this page is not about Text Templates. It’s about turning Flows into Flow Templates.


Here’s a quick intro post about Flow Templates. 

And here are several video webinar intros:

The full set of installable AppExchange templates is available here.

Documentation and How-To

Flows can be configured to be templates. This is done here: 

Key Functionality

Normally, Standard Flows and flows in managed packages can not be viewed or modified. If you open them, you just see a blank canvas. However, if the Template box is enabled on a flow, then anyone with Manage Flows permission will be able to open the flow and modify it. They will not be able to save their changes directly back to the template, but they will be able to save their version as a new flow.

Flow Templates are visible as choices in the New Flow window:

Official documentation about templates

Release Notes

Standard Templates and Packaged Templates

Flows that are built inside of Salesforce and made available in orgs ‘out-of-the-box’ are referred to as Standard Flow Templates. Here are examples of doc pages referring to Standard Flow Templates:

Salesforce Scheduler 1

Salesforce Scheduler 2

Financial Services Cloud

ISV’s and other Salesforce customers can also mark flows to be templates. Here’s an example from Taskray and here’s one from GetAccept.

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