Submitting Extensions for Publication

We love publishing extensions!

General guidance

Reach out to us (you can post here) and show us what you’ve built.

In general, we’ll agree to post your extension unless it overlaps too much with existing components and it’s hard to explain the difference. We don’t like this because it creates confusion and friction. We’re happy to discuss how you might evolve your component to give it more uniqueness. What we’re looking for is at least one significant way that your extension extends what’s currently possible by adding something new.

1) required: create a draft blog post on unofficialsf. let me know who needs an Author account and I’ll generate them. You can copy and paste Quip very cleanly into the WordPress post environment. Try to follow the general format of Posts about extensions: there’s a Install section and then a View Source section at the bottom. When selecting your title, think about what people will search on and focus on benefits. Generally the more images and video, the better. 
2) optional: if you want, you can add your code to the flowcomponents repo via a pull request. you need to do this if you want us to create a package for you.
3) optional: create a package. There needs to be a package for extensions we publish. We’ll create one for you but we can point to yours in some circumstances. We generally recommend letting us do the packaging. It’s easier for others to modify your project if it’s part of the main repo, and less maintenance work for you. However, if you have a package ready to go, it’s fine to use it.
4) optional: record a video. We strongly recommend creating a video, even if it’s short. People are faced with a lot of Flow content on USF and you want to grab their attention with a fast-paced video and a well chosen title.
5) let me know when you think your draft post is ready for edit and publication
developers who publish an extension are invited to join the FlowProjects developer slack workspace, a small focused community of Flow developers. 
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