Quick Action Buttons

Lightning Record Page Component

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Created by Eric Smith – October 2019


This is a generic Lightning Component that allows up to 5 Buttons that can each execute a Quick Action. The component can be placed anywhere on a Lightning Record Page.

Using the Component

You can use this Lightning Component on a Record Page.

NOTE: The Quick Actions must also be included in the “Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions” section of the standard Page Layout.



  • B1_Button Label – Text to appear on the button
  • B1_Quick Action’s Object API Name – API name of the Object that contains the Quick Action
  • B1_Quick Action API Name – The API name of the Quick Action
  • B1_Button Variant Type – Determines the color of the button. Select from base,(neutral),brand,destructive,success


  • Repeat for Buttons 2 through 5
  • Button Container Size (out of 12) – Width of the container in 12ths (Default 12 – Full Width)
  • Button Count per Row – 1 to 5 buttons per row
  • Button Size (normal, full) – Normal: Fit button to label, Full: Extend button width

Sample Usage

3 buttons per row with normal button width


2 buttons per row with full button width


1 button per row with full button width