Reporting and Tracking with Next Best Action

Official Documentation

Report on and Track a Recommendation

To create reports for Next Best Action, start by specifying one or more custom Report Types. There are four reportable objects that use the word Recommendation:

Of these, the first one “Recommendation Metrics”, is unrelated to Next Best Action. It’s an old object related to Chatter recommendations, and you should avoid it unless you’re working with Chatter. Let’s focus on the other three.

Recommendation Reactions

Reports based on Recommendation Reactions show individual reactions and lots of information about where the recommendation was made and what kind of recommendation it is. However, they do not show aggregates like the number of times a reaction was approved. Importantly, if you are reporting on recommendations generated by the newer Flow-based approach (GA in Spring ’22), you will want to use the similar Recommendation Response object (see below)

Recommendation Strategies

Reports generated from Report Types based on the Recommendation Strategy object focus on aggregating sums of Accepts and Rejects over periods of time

Recommendation Responses

When Salesforce began to switch from the original Strategy Builder to new Flow-based recommendation generation, it was determined that the original Recommendation Reaction object wouldn’t be compatible, so a similar, new Recommendation Response object was created. Important: if you’re reporting on recommendations generated by the original Strategy Builder, you will not see them here. Use the Recommendation Reaction object instead (see above).