Install Unmanaged V 1.1

This local action will pop up a toast message.

IMPORTANT! This action will only work in Flows executing in Lightning pages. It will not work if run from Flow Setup (including the Debugger), even if you are in Lightning Experience mode. It will not work if run in a VF page in Classic. This is due to a limitation of the underlying event. For more information, see this documentation

How It Works

This action uses the force:showToast event

It takes two attributes. “type” determines the look and behavior of the toast. Allowable values are success, warning, info, error. Default value is ‘success’.

The “message” attribute will contain the text you want displayed in the pop-up.


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Know a little javascript and want to add some improvements? {Pull requests are welcome}(/pulls) If you’re thinking of adding much complexity to the user interface, though, you probably should fork the repo, because we want to keep this baseline version easy-to-use.

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