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Salesforce now provides a built-in Lookup component. If that doesn’t meet your needs, you can also consider The powerful community Lookup component, which has some additional features.

Official Docs


The Official Lookup Component

The official Lookup component that was added in 2019 enables lookup by using object fields of type Lookup. Here are a couple of examples:

In this case, if you want to provide a way for users to lookup Operating Hours, you could use the official Lookup component and reference this field. However, this field is actually part of the Account object. So the configuration of this field would be:

The built-in Lookup Component requires that you specify an existing Lookup field (along with the field’s object). This can require some indirection. For example, if you want to provide lookups to Accounts, you need to find an Account Lookup field on a different object. 

Fields like OwnerId that can point to more than one object (these are what Salesforce means by ‘polymorphic’ fields) can’t be directly referenced via the built-in Lookup component. Instead of using the Owner field, choose another field which can only be a User, such as CreatedById.

Useful Resources about the Official Lookup Component

SFDC Video Introduction


The Unofficial Lookup Component

There’s also a powerful but unofficial Lookup component maintained here at UnofficialSF:

This Lookup component does not attempt to leverage fields of type Picklist. It simply takes an object name and retrieves the appropriate records.

The Unofficial Lookup Component offers filtering features.

makes use of direct access.

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