Writing a Post for UnofficialSF



Your content should focus on some new capability, integration or extension. Tutorials are welcome but should be for novel technology (pilots and beta features are a great candidate) or for a novel integration or extension. We’re not trying to compete with the ecosystem to do general education.

Make sure that your focus is on Flow or one of the other areas covered by unofficialsf.com, like External Services.


Provide a clear use case up front.

Generally, the more visuals the better. A screencast is not required but is highly desirable. Failing that, an animated gif is an excellent idea. If you don’t have a handy host for a screencast, we’re happy to host your mp4 file.

Try to provide a demo showing a typical use case, with a clear end to end walkthrough.


You should write the post in Google Doc as it transfers perfectly into our WordPress environment.

Try and make your title catchy and searchable.


If the post involves an Extension:

  • Provide the documentation for the extension
  • Create a pull request into the flowcomponents repo (for security reasons, we generally don’t want to point at other package URL’s unless it’s AppExchange)

If You’re a Commercial Venture

Here are a couple of successful posts by companies that show a good balance: