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September Roundup of New Flow Blog Posts (

  1. Lightning Flow Developer Center – sample flows, webinars, links to more documentation:
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  3. Lightning Flow Builder Blog Post:
  4. Lightning Flow AppExchange Category launch blog post:

Lightning Flow Introduction Post

Lightning Flow Developer Blog (Spring ’18)



CYMI @ TrailheaDX’18: 4 Session Videos About Process Automation Salesforce makes it simple to automate processes in your apps and make experiences seamless for your customers. As a developer, there is much more you can do with Lightning Flow. In addition to utilizing the tools in Lightning Flow — Process Builder and Cloud Flow Designer — you can use Apex when you need more functionality.

New Blog Post Authored by @Jennifer Lee (MVP | | John Hancock) on using Stages to guide users through steps in a Flow:

Flow ‘Em That Progress

(This blog post is written for Lightning Experience. Note: You can wrap lightning components in a visualforce page in Classic via Lightning Out. You will need to enlist the help of a developer for you to take advantage of the below.)

New Blog Post published by Terence Chiu on using Lightning Components in Flow Screens:

New Blog Post published by Richard @developingflow on Lightning Components in Flow Screens:

Lightning Components in Flow! Learn why you should use Lightning Components in Flows and how to show Users a List of Records, in our example, Accounts, within a Flow using a Lightning Component

New Blog post published by @Alex Edelstein (Salesforce) on inserting Images into Flow Screens and updates to the sample Lookup component for Flow: