Create A Next Best Action Employee App- Part 1

Employee experience is the new HR superpower. Customer experience is no longer only for customers, with the Salesforce Platform you can not only seamlessly create amazing digital experiences for employees but also deliver them personalized and optimized. Especially in light of the new ‘work anywhere’ normal that fused home and work life, digital employee experience plays a key role in not just productivity but also employee motivation.

On this employee experienced focussed app, Einstein NBA can be leveraged to deliver

  • Education and event participation opportunities
  • Personalized communication
  • Well being and motivation opportunities

and much more. Powered with the insights from Einstein prediction builder – NBA combines data, business rules and AI to provide relevant and real time individualized recommendations.
Note: Prediction builder is not integrated in the app below but simulated with prediction scores.

Use Lightning flows with NBA

This app also showcases how Lightning flows can be used in conjunction with Next Best Action. There are numerous applications of how flow and NBA can be integrated into apps for powerful outcomes such as the one in this example. The example also shows a custom LWC component to display Recommendations and not the standard display component -this illustrates the modularity of the strategy builder and how it can be used with a custom component because it is exposed as a service.

A great way to combine the power of Apex with business user configuration

This sample application uses a sophisticated pattern to provide team managers with a simple flow that they can use for prioritization, while enabling IT to add or subtract recommendation tactics behind the scenes. This is a powerful way to address the desire of customers to mix backend power with business user configuration.

The individual tactics are modeled as Apex classes. The same example can be extended for several use cases of how system integrators can use Next Best Action to provide increased value by making use of Apex to create tooling that team managers can use to cater to the specific use case.

Building blocks of the app

(View setup and installation steps in Part-2 of the blog)

Untitled presentation (1).jpg

Untitled presentation (2).jpg
Untitled presentation (3).jpg
Untitled presentation (4).jpg

See part 2 for setup and installation steps