Update 4/19/2019Eric Smith

Added support for no selection, single record selection, or multi-record selection
Added support for pre-selected records

Update 3/10/2019Eric Smith

This is a major enhancement to the datatableFSC component. It has been updated to offer more features and to be more generic and easily customized.


  • Supports up to 10 columns while displaying only the columns with actual parameter values
  • Parameters for Column Width and Column Alignment
  • All Columns are sortable
  • Optional record selection with Checkboxes (multi-select) or Radio Buttons (single select)
  • Supports pre-selected rows
  • An Icon can be displayed with the first Column Header
  • Support built in for up to 8 Standard and Custom Objects
  • Already configured to support Account, Asset, Case, Contact, Contract, and Opportunity (No editing of source code is necessary if you are using one of these objects)

Installation: This component can not be installed as a package if you are using any other objects. The reason is that it requires that an object array be passed to it to populate the rows, and Flow does not currently allow a generic object array or SObject array to be passed.

Install Package – For preconfigured Objects only. (v2.5 – 5/1/19)

That means that in order to use this component for other objects, you need to modify the javascript attributes from the default values. The updates can be made in the Developer Console to the datatableFSC.cmp and the datatableFSC.design files.

SAMPLE FLOW SCREEN created with multiple Lightning Components including 3 datatables

FLOW SCREEN SETUP with 8 Lightning Flow Screen Components

If you want to use objects other than Account, Asset, Case, Contact, Contract, and Opportunity, you can modify the source to accept an object array of a specific type. 


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