Datatable LWC v2.0 for Summer ’20 Orgs

We now have the ability to dynamically specify SObjects to be referenced in Flows at the time of configuration!

This is a game changer!

No more editing source code for each different object you want to support.

No more creating unwieldy components that try and handle multiple objects.

I have updated the LWC version of my datatable component to support this new feature. You only need to install one version of the component and you can use it for any Standard or Custom Object. You supply the object name right when you configure the component on your flow screen in the flow builder.

Fire up your Summer ’20 trial org and give this new component a try!


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Adam White

First! This is a game changer for power admins.

Christopher Reedy

I was literally just wishing for this 5 min ago! Released same day!

Gidi Abramovich

Great news, Eric!!!

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Wilson Wong

Omg, yes this is what we need!

Eyal Kama

Does it support Platform Event objects?

Eyal Kama

when I run it hangs forever. F12 shows that an error occurs
runtime.apexp:1 Uncaught (in promise)
message: “Unable to read SObject”
__proto__: Object
headers: {}
status: 500
ok: (…)
statusText: (…)
__proto__: Object

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Saverio Pasini

Hello there,
I’m enjoying using both the DatatableFSC and the new DatatableLWC components, but I did come up with what looks like a major issue: working on an European org, with European standard settings (ie commas instead of points for decimal numbers, and so on), the components don’t work when inputing a decimal number in an editable row.
The problem disappears when switching to a US setting…any clue? Have you had any other feedback on this matter?
Unfortunately a permanent switch to a foreing setting is not a viable option for my users.
Thank you for your support!

Eric Smith

This has been mentioned before. I think the issue is with the base Salesforce datatable component.

Josue Goge

Great! This is beautiful!
One question: I’m using datatable_v2.0, when I retrieve a date field from my collection, this is displayed as one day before. How can I fixed? (I saw another post from you recommending touse date-local for the column type, but I’m not able to see where it is)
Thanks in advance

Eric Smith

I’m not able to reproduce that issue. What time zone are you in?

Josue Goge

Default Time Zone on Company Information and TimeZone on my User is set to (GMT-04:00) Eastern Daylight Time.
This org has Version Summer ’20 Patch 6.4

Eric Smith

This should be corrected in the current version.

Wayne Chung

Thanks for creating this screen component, but why this component keeping spinning in my screen like this for a long time?

Wayne Chung



Has anyone seen any issue with Datatable LWC v1.1 in Summer ’20? A previously working component is failing in Summer 20 orgs because it is no longer outputting the Selected Row values. The exact same componnet continues to work in Production pre-Summer 20 release.


Hi Rajeev,
I’m experiencing the same issue.
The Collection Variable used to store the Output Selected Rows appears to be empty, even though a record is selected from the datatable.
@Eric: Any idea why this is happening, and how this can be fixed? Thx.

Jared Henning

Whoa I though I was going crazy. I have the same exact problem. I just gave a demo to my supervisor Friday to show her a new flow I built with this component and now Monday it stopped working.


Same issue! the output variable is empty.

Last edited 1 day ago by Andrea

I managed to solve this in this way:

After your screen component create an assignment and copy the datatable outout var to a new colection variable. In my case I am using Account and the asignment will look like this: {!colSelectedAccount} equals {!AccountDatatable.outputSelectedRows}

By doing this I managed to get all the IDs. Hope this helps!

David Smith

I am so grateful for this component! Thank you very much!!
I am having difficulity finalizing the navigation function once a user selects which record they are interested in the table, can you provide any insights/best practices on how to allow users to navigate away from the table after a selection and ‘next’ button is selected?

Gidi Abramovich

Eric Hi,
Can we use it with FSL Flow Builder?


Great flow component

Last edited 3 months ago by pavan

Wow this is a great feature. I would like to know if this supports images? I need to display dynamic images in the data table.

Maria Huemmer

Hi, can you confirm if Knowledge Articles Versions are supported?I have a flow with a query and the resulting table shows the right number of rows but no values,

Maria Huemmer

Here are the additional images for the config

Maria Huemmer

Data table component setup


Is anyone else experiencing this error when trying to deploy?
After countless “Status: InProgress” lines, I get a “Status: Completed” followed by “Deployment Complete” and then “Error: errorInternal Server Error” and the package does not install?
Any suggestions appreciated.

Eric Smith

I am currently looking into this.

Eric Smith

Try this package install for the Datatable Only (No Config Helper)


Hi Eric,
I was able to install the full package successfully today.
At the end of the install I’m getting the below message but when trying to use the table, it works as expected.
Status: Completed 
Deployment Complete
Error: errorInternal Server Error

The error I was getting before seems to have been related to a test class in my org that was not descriptive enough and was sometimes assigning a test record to a random user. In some cases, that random user was a guest user and, after Summer ’20 the assignment was throwing an error.


Eric, this is an awesome tool! Thank you for sharing.
One question/suggestion: when selecting radio buttons instead of checkboxes, can you make a change to allow users to de-select a radio option? i.e. for situations where you can select a maximum of 1 lines but you can also select none? In the current version, if you have checkboxes, you can deselect all options, but if you have radio buttons, once you clicked on one record, you can no longer remove that selection…


This is my favourite component thanks a lot for it! I am struggling with the new version as I don’t know how I can make it required to select at least one row when using checkboxes in the datatable. I cannot see to find an option in the latest release.


This is a fantastic component, and I use it a lot.

One thing I am struggling with – if I present a table, and use the Radio button single select option, I don’t seem to be able to store that record in a Record (single) variable – I have to create a Record Collection variable in the Output.
This means I’m struggling to use values from that variable later down the line in my Flow, because it’s a collection not a single.

Am I missing something obvious?


Managed to sort a workaround by putting the collection through a loop to extract the values and save them in a single, but to have this as a native feature would be great!


I am using the datatableV2 for row selection using check boxes and it works like a charm. But would like to understand if we can make the selection required like other screen flow components so that the user cannot proceed forward until at least one row is selected. Thanks for the help in advance.

Heena Bhatnagar

Thank you Eric. Can I also request adding a default sort order option in the datatable. Thanks Heena


Hello Eric,

We use now version 1 is it easily to update it to version 2?

And is it possible to use a lookup field as column field? And how can you use the name of that record instead of the id?


Hi Eric,

I’m excited at using this datatableV2. I tested in other organization I’m managing, and it works great. Specially filtercolumn is my favorite.

In the other sf organization, I made a lot of flows with previous datatableFSC. If I install datatableV2 then should I retire datatableFSC then recreate the flow components with datatableV2?

Or datatableFSC is automatically removed after installing datatableV2? (both co-exist?)



Hi, This is a great component. I have noticed one issue. Date fields are off by one calendar day. Is there a way to fix it?