Official Winter ’23 Flow and Flow Orchestration Feature Overview

Building on the great sneak preview that Adam White published, here’s the official feature overview. This set of slides introduces all of the innovations in the upcoming Winter ’23 release.

The Fall ’22 Flow Orchestration Demo & Hands-On Workshop

We’ve been using the Google Slides deck provided here to run 90 minute hand-on workshops for Flow Orchestration. The deck has 3 parts: Part 1: A quick introduction to Flow and a deeper introduction to Flow Orchestration Part 2: A video demo of an Incident Management orchestration, followed by a slide-by-slide walkthrough of that demo […]

Create a Scratch Org with a Working Orchestration Demo With Just a Couple of Clicks

One of the best current demos of Flow Orchestration is this Incident Management recording. You can now spin up a new org that contains the full implementation of this orchestration, allowing you to examine the different parts of the configuration. All you need to provide to create this org is your email address. The resulting […]