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Sneak Preview – Flow in Winter ’24

Here’s a preview of what’s coming to Flow in the next couple of months! The Rollouts Begin: Panels With this release, the conversion of property editors from modals to panels picks up momentum. The first panelized property editors showed up in Flow Orchestration, and more were seen in the Flow-based marketing features that started to […]

ISV Spotlight: Pimly’s Product Cloud Solution Uses Flow

Editor’s Note: UnofficialSF is pleased to enable commercial creators of products that use Flow like Pimly to introduce their products and demonstrate useful use cases. One of our goals is to see a rich tier of commercial solutions in addition to the many free extensions that will continue to be available. The Pimly CEO, long […]

Using Named Credentials with Flow Actions

I recently built an invocable action that uses the Tooling API. I had been hoping to handle authentication automatically using SessionId, but this action needs to be able to work in background flows like record-change triggered flows, and there’s no obvious SessionId in those cases. So I ended up setting what I’ll call ‘proper’ authentication. […]

Sneak Preview: Flow in Summer ’23

Here’s a preview of what’s coming for Flow in Summer ’23! HTTP Callout Actions Now Support POST as well as GET A beta implementation of POST is available, and the GET functionality is now GA. As you can see below on the left, with POST you provide a sample request along with a sample response. […]