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Recent Changes to Help Text in Screen Components

This is a memo from the Flow product team. Some customers have noted that, for some screen components, the behavior of the help text button recently changed from “hover to see help” to “click to see help”. Here’s some background behind that change. Originally, all Flow screen components supported formatting, embedded images, and embedded links […]

DataPoller and Reactive Screens for Flow

Salesforce is currently piloting a feature called Reactive Screens that allows builders to pipe the output from one screen component to the input of another screen component on the same screen. Each time the source component changes its output, the target component dynamically updates and refreshes. To explore the possibilities of this, we created a […]

Solution: Extending ‘Limit Reoffers’ Capability

This request came in: I have a customer trying to implement limiting re-offers, but wants to have differing time periods based on whether a user accepts or rejects the offer.  Specifically, a recommendation should appear after 6 months if the recommendation is rejected, and 4 months if the offer is accepted.  This canbe done with […]