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Flexcard V1.2 Allows Immediate Transition on Click

The original mode of Flexcard is designed for each card to have a number of pop-up subflows. You can now choose a different mode of operation by setting the boolean input TransitionOnClick to True. When you do this, each card becomes a button and clicking on the card causes an immediate transition. Check it out […]

From Forcelution Apps: Enhanced Approval Requests

We wanted to give Forcelution Apps a chance to talk about the functionality they add to Approval Requests with their Enhanced Approval Requests extension. It’s available as a free version and as a paid, supported, enhanced version. Filling Gaps Salesforce out of the box provides the ability to submit and process records for approval. This […]

Akihiro Iwaya Explores Approval Use Case in Flow Orchestrator

Intro Flow Orchestrator takes a wide range of rich, sophisticated, and complex business process use cases that require code today and makes them easy to create with clicks. It makes it possible to automate multi user processes so I try to verify if Flow Orchestrator replaces the standard approval process. Use case A SaaS company […]

Developer Note: Adding Automatic Output Variable Support to your Custom Property Editor

The Custom Property Editor Developer’s Guide has been updated to include material about the new @api automaticOutputVariables attribute. If you use FlowComboBox in your CPE, you should create this attribute and then make sure to pass the resulting data to FlowComboBox along with the builderContext data. This will cause your embedded ComboBoxes to provide access […]

Changes to Number and Currency Components in Summer ’21

Here are some minor changes that were not documented officially. Number and Currency Components The Number and Currency components were upgraded to new LWC technology. This results in the following new behavior: When not in focus, the value is rounded or zero-padded according to the scale. This affects value presentation only. It has no impact […]

Use Salesforce Flow to Make No-Code HTTP Web Callouts

The new DataMapper package of actions provides a way to easily create web callouts and powerful new data mapping solution that allows data to be extracted easily from JSON text. This post introduces the Make HTTP Action that is included in DataMapper. Easy HTTP Calls We’re going to start by retrieving exchange rates via an […]