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From Adam Foyston: A New Intro Video for Flow Builder

As far as I’m concerned, the community can never have too many intro videos. One reality is that the product evolves and existing tutorials become out-of-date. For example, the intro videos I recorded when Flow Builder launched two years ago gained high praise, but they spend a lot of talking about Manual Variables. While manual […]

Summer ’21 Flow Preview

Always a pleasure to divulge the next functionality that will be available to Flow users and builders! Scheduled Paths in Record-Triggered Flows The ability to schedule delayed activity that keys off of an initial trigger, known as Scheduled Actions in Process Builder, comes to Flow in the form of Scheduled Paths. To create a Scheduled […]

Convert Strings to String Collections, and Vice Versa

Some input parameters requires strings in one of two forms. Send Rich Email, for example, can take a list of string email addresses but can’t (currently) take a comma-separated-list. This package provides a set of simple actions to convert data from one form to the other. Convert from Collection to CSV String This takes a […]