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Adding Validation Functions to Flow Screen Components

This feature shipped quietly back in Winter ’19. The official docs are somewhat hidden away here. This blog post is mainly an effort to raise the profile of this feature a bit. If you wrap a base component that has a “required” attribute, even if you expose the attribute, Flow will not know to check […]

DualListBox Flow Screen Component

Watch the video. Install – Unmanaged Install – Managed Source Code This new component surfaces the dual listbox in flow screens. It allows for multiple selection and returns the selected values either as a comma-separated list or (more usefully) as a collection of strings that can be looped over. This is an installable component and […]

Accessing NBA via the Tooling API

The Tooling API provides a way to get information about Action Strategies. I’m more familiar with the Metadata API, but in general Salesforce is trending towards the Tooling API as a more flexible, granular tool, and this is likely to increase. For performance reasons, metadata API deploys and retrieves will often trigger a recompilation of […]

UnofficialSF is Looking for Volunteer Editors

UnofficialSF is Looking for Volunteer Editors Want to help the Flow community, work closely with Salesforce Flow PM’s and build your flow knowledge? Become an UnofficialSF editor.  The general goal we have is to make this the best starting point for flow knowledge. That means tasks like adding links to the high quality flow content being […]

Summer ’19 Flow Sneak Preview

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the things you’ll be able to start playing with in a couple of weeks (either via a new pre-release org or an early sandbox upgrade). Keep in mind our forward-looking statement. Please make your purchase decisions based only on generally available product functionality. The Flow Builder gets Undo, […]

Advanced Flow Navigation Button from GravityLab

Dan Howell and GravityLab have made available an advanced Flow Navigation Button with no fewer than 12 built-in features, including: Add bespoke navigation options in a flow. For example, replace the “Next” button with a “Save and View” button. Launch new record or edit page. For example, launch the create new account page with a specific record […]

Part 1: Manipulate Complex Internet Data in Flow Without Code

This is a PREVIEW of Summer 19 Functionality. Please make your purchase decisions based only on generally available products. Watch Intro Video In Summer ’19, Flow gains the ability to manipulate the kinds of complex data objects that are typically returned from calls to web services. Using Apex Actions and External Service Registrations, Flow was […]