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The RecordDetail Component

The RecordDetail component provides new ways to display record fields in Flow screens. Flow excels in providing fine control over field combinations, but sometimes you just want to show a bunch of fields from a record in one place without a lot of configuration. This component handles all the formatting, provides 2 column layout, and […]

Using SFDX to Easily Create Packages

My packaging pipeline has really improved in the last few months, thanks to sfdx and packaging commands that are now available. I thought I’d put together a video showing how to take a Flow/NBA app (or really any Salesforce app) and easily package with the most effective tools.

Dreamforce Slides – Put Predictions into Action: Einstein Prediction Builder and Next Best Action

These are the slides Einstein and Next Best Action product managers presented at this admin track session. The video recording will be published officially by Salesforce in the next 1-2 months. The session synosis was: Join us in this session to learn how you can harness the power of both Einstein Prediction Builder and Einstein […]

Dreamforce Slides – Advanced Flow for Admins

These slides are from Alex Edelstein’s flow session for admins. A recording will be published officially by Salesforce in the next 1-2 months. The presentation synopsis was: Ready to drink from the firehose? We’ll cover multi-flow application development, scalable “decision tree” patterns that enable non-Admin management of flows, lightning web component use in Flow screens, […]

Flow, Rich Text, HTML and Text Templates Winter ’20 Update

This updates the Summer ’19 Update with information about HTML support, rich text, and text template usage. Background The Flow Team has been updating internal Flow components and switching from various proprietary code solutions to more standardized Salesforce components. This started with the release of Flow Builder in Spring ’19, continued with the addition of […]