Orchestrator Pricing

Orchestrator is generally available and here’s an unofficial FAQ on how it will be priced.

How is it sold?

The product will be sold via a consumption-based approach where customers purchase a quantity of yearly ‘runs’ There’s also a way to enable non-Salesforce users to use these runs without purchasing Salesforce user licenses for them. (See below)

What’s the Freemium Allocation?

All PxE, Enterprise, Enterprise, and Unlimited Editions get 600 annual runs included (regardless of org size).

Pricing Before any Discounts?

It’s a consumption-based SKU which means you pay $1 per orchestration run, and it’s sold in yearly increments. Customers purchasing in volume can seek discounts, as is usual.

Is there a way to extend Orchestrator usage to non-Salesforce users in my org?

Yes. There’s a new ‘no-cost’ Limited User License in the works that is designed to be assigned to users who don’t already have a user license. This will allow them to log into Salesforce and participate in orchestrations. The license will have limitations on it, so it isn’t a substitute for a typical Salesforce license. Learn more here.

How do I quantify the number of runs I’ll need?

You buy a single quantity of runs that will last for the duration of your contract, so if the contract is a two year contract, specify a run quantity that matches your expected utilization in that time-frame. Runs do not roll over when the contract ends.

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