navigationButtonFSC – Now supports buttons displayed as disabled


ersHighlightsPanel – A generic Lightning Component that displays a Highlights Panel of up to 10 fields oriented left to right across the page. The component can be placed anywhere on a Lightning Record Page.


Added support for no selection, single record selection (Radio Button), or multi-record selection (Checkbox).
You can now pre-select records when displaying the datatable.


lookupFSC – Bug fixes

navigationButtonFSC – Now supports 3 Buttons

datatableFSC – Major Upgrade
You can now use this component without source code changes for 6 standard objects, have up to 10 columns, preset widths and alignment, sorting and icons.


Check out the new generic Lightning Component that will load a Visualforce page in a new tab, passing in the RecordId and other user defined parameters. The original page will be redisplayed when the Visualforce page closes. The component supports both standard and console pages.


Here’s a new Picklist Flow Screen Component that will support Dependencies and Record Types


Check out the new Next Best Action section.


New Lightning Page Component that allows for the display or editing of a Long Text Area field on the record page with a larger input box than what is standard and the ability to toggle it on and off.  Large Text Area Component


New Lightning Page Component to display a Toggle Button that can be used to set/clear a checkbox field on a record.  A good use case is to toggle a field that can be used to filter other components on the Lightning Record Page.  Toggle Button


The Navigation Button component has been updated to support dual buttons.  Think OK/Cancel or Previous/Next.  Navigation Button


Now you can create interactive images and 3D buttons – Image Button


Read about a utility that can document your Process Builders for you. – Process Builder OneView


New Lightning Page Component – Quick Action Button

Put a Button that executes a Quick Action anywhere on your Record Page


Get Ready for the New Flow Builder


There is a brand new section for Lightning Page Components.

Here you will find Lightning Components that can be used on Home Pages, Record Pages, Utility Bars and other non-flow locations.


New features and instructions for the flow screen Lookup component.


New DependentPicklists Screen Component.


Added What’s New Page

New Version of ScriptDisplay uploaded with different visual look.