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Datatable now supports Picklist field edits

A huge thanks to Guillaume Davies and Jerry Poon from Accenture in Sydney Australia for sharing their solution for supporting Picklist Field editing in the Datatable component. Download the latest version (3.2.0) of Datatable to take advantage of this new and often requested feature. Currently, all available picklist values will be made available for selection […]

Datatable – New Version Release Notes

I have released Version 3.1.1 of the Datatable component. Please note that you will first need to update to the latest versions of the FlowActionsBasePack and the FlowScreenComponentsBasePack. Updates: Moved the “Display ALL Objects for Selection” choice in the CPE from Advanced to Data Source Added an attribute to hide all column header actions such as Sort, Clip/Wrap Text and Filters If Multi-Currency is enabled, convert currency field values to the User’s currency (Thanks to Novarg1) Bug Fixes: Text formula fields will now wrap correctly Display ALL Objects for Selection attribute is now persistent Input data is Apex-Defined attribute is now persistent The number of pre-selected rows will now not exceed the Maximum Number of Records to Display attribute value Don’t require the key field to be explicitly listed in the Column Edits attribute for Apex Defined Objects The Clear Selection button will no longer appear on single row tables when Disallow row selection is checked The Clear Selection button will clear the Output Selected Rows (User Defined) attribute for Apex Defined Objects Fixed the column filtering on Checkbox Fields when the filter value is ‘false’ Fixed the vertical alignment of the table header text

New Option for the Lookup Component

Thanks to vijayignatius, we have a new option for the Lookup component. He has provided a new attribute that lets you pick a field other than the Display field to be used as the the field to search on. Read on for his excellent overview of why and how you can use this new feature. […]

Flow Datetime Methods

Flow Datetime Methods Created by Carl Vescovi This Post was most recently updated on: 3/27/21Current Version: 1.0 At the moment Datetime and Business Hours are not particularly well supported in Salesforce Flows. The intent of this code is to be a gap filler until such time as Salesforce delivers more functionality. The way this code works is […]

Copy to Clipboard Button

Copy to Clipboard Button Created by Eric Smith This Post was most recently updated on: 3/26/21Current Version: 1.0 This Flow Screen Component lets you add a button to your flow screens to copy any provided content into the system clipboard. It provides an easy way to allow a user to copy and then paste the provided data elsewhere […]

Mass Update Records from a Related List

Melody from Salesforce Flowsome has done it again with a fantastic pair of posts that cover a few different ways to select and mass update records from a list view. These well written articles are easy to follow and present step-by-step how you can implement this functionality using Flow. Use Case: Mass Update Records From […]

Validation Checker Flow Action

Validation Checker Flow Action Created by Eric Smith This Post was most recently updated on: 5/5/21Current Version: 1.5 Don’t your users just love it when they see this on their screen? The fun really starts when you get this email in your inbox. You could certainly take the time and effort to add a bunch of decision […]

Datatable – New Version Release Notes

Eric Smith has released Version 3.0.10 of the Datatable Flow Screen component. Here are the Feature Updates & Bug Fixes included in this release. Updates: Record links have been updated to now support a Flow running in a Community Added a new Table Behavior option to specify if Links should open in the same Tab […]

Mergician – Make Unnecessary Formula Fields Disappear!

Here’s a great new Flow Action from the team at Gears Design. Use the Mergician app with Salesforce Flow to quickly and easily create custom copy for chatter posts, custom notifications & emails – or any other scenario where you need to leverage Salesforce’s merge field syntax in Flow.  Ever tried to use default Flow […]