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New features have just been added to the Datatable component

DatatableV2 Flow Screen Component There is now a new Output Parameter that passes back the number of Selected Records.  This helps with being able to easily check later in your Flow to see if any records were selected.  This feature can also be used to set Component Visibility for components on the same Screen as […]

New Flow Action that will show Governor Limits

The Get Limits component is designed to assist with exposing Salesforce governor limits within Flow via a simple unmanaged package.  In many instances in order to get to this data, you need to dig through your flow’s debug logs to determine there’s no potential issues.  This app allows you to easily surface that information within […]

Check out the new addition to unofficialsf.com!

We have been posting about great things you can do with Flow and do in Lighting for quite some time now. When you click on Flow from the Home Page and then look at what is available to Extend Flows, you get to view and select from a number of different Flow Screen Components, Flow […]

What to do when you have trouble updating a component

Many of the components on this site get updated on a regular basis with new enhancements. All you should need to do is follow the installation instructions to bring the component version up to date in your own orgs. Unfortunately, the methods and versions of the packaging tools we’ve used to produce these updated releases […]

Import and Export Flows between Salesforce Orgs

Import and Export Flows between Salesforce Orgs Have you ever wanted to copy or move a Flow or Process Builder from one org to another without having to create a Change Set or rebuild it from scratch? How about seeing a great Flow that you or someone else has created and would like to share? Install […]