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NEW: Get Records IN Flow Action

Get Records IN Flow Action How many times have you wanted to do a Get Records in your Flow where the condition was that something be in a Collection of something else? This idea on the Idea Exchange from over 7 years ago has over 16,500 points. Flow: Support equivalent of SOQL “IN” condition in […]

Introducing Email-To-Flow, a low-code Email Service

Sean Fielding at Sproket Logic has just introduced Email-To-Flow on the AppExchange. Read on to see how you can have more control over how incoming emails can interface with Salesforce via Flow. Before we dive into Email-To-Flow, let’s review Email Services. What are Email Services? Most simply put, Email Services are automated process that use an […]

What’s new with Datatable

There is a new release (v4.0.5) of the Datatable component available. The updates include: Enhanced handling of saved Column Configuration files Saved column configuration attributes can now be > 255 characters A new output attribute (Selected Row Key Field Value) This value is populated only when a single row is selected and is designed to […]

A New Version of Datatable has been Released

Version 3.5.0 of the Datatable component has been released. It adds some new features and fixes a reported bug. The primary enhancements are the option to add a record count to the datatable header and an option to immediately navigate to the next flow element when clicking Save after any edits. Please note that there […]

Datatable – Latest Release Notes (v3.3.2)

The latest update to the Datatable component adds a few new requested features and fixes some minor bugs. One new addition is Custom Labels for some of the interface text to easily allow for translation to other languages. Another new feature is the addition of support for Screen Readers for the visually impaired. More objects […]

Datatable v3.3.0 – Save and Retrieve Configuration Settings

The latest release of the Datatable component adds a major new feature. You can now Save and Retrieve settings for your Column Configurations. If you find yourself adding identical or similar Datatables to multiple flows, this will be a tremendous time-saver. Check out the updated documentation for all the details on how to take advantage […]

Datatable – Latest Release Notes v3.2.4

This new Datatable release includes two new features and a few minor bug fixes. Because the outputEditedRows attribute is not Null even if no rows were edited nor included in the output collection variable, I’ve added a new output attribute numberOfRowsEdited that can be used to check if any rows were edited. I’ve also updated […]

10 Ways to Get Creative With Lightning Components

Are you looking for a taste of what you can find on here on Unofficialsf.com? How about some ideas on how to put some of the more popular Flow Components found on this site to work for you? Are you looking to improve how your users interact with your Lightning Record Pages? Find all that […]