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New Updates to QuickChoice

QuickChoice, the multi-purpose picklist component, has been updated again. In addition to supporting picklist filtering by Record Type, you can now support Dependent Picklists by stacking as many QuickChoice components as you need on the same screen with the new Reactive Screen beta. Full support is provided for controlling Checkbox or Picklist fields. Check out […]

A Better Way to Debug Screen Flows

Have you ever wished you could debug a screen flow using the same UI that you have when you are debugging a triggered flow? You know, where you get to see the path taken through the flow and you can chose to expose or hide the details behind each of the executed nodes in the […]

Import/Export Flows Has Been Updated

I’ve updated the Import/Export Flows utility to use the current version of the Flow Base Packs. I’ve also updated the Installation to use unlocked packaging links. Read more about this utility and others on the Utilities Page.

Icon Display LWC for Flow

Claire Crabtree has created a nice flow screen component that you can use to display any Salesforce icon. This LWC will display a Salesforce Icon in a screen flow.You can set the icon type/name, as well as foreground and background colors, if desired! Icon with no color changes Set the iconType to the type of […]

Flow and Process Builder List View with Batch Delete V2

Are you tired of having to delete inactive versions of Flows and Process Builders one at a time? I’ve refactored my Flow and Process Builder List View with Batch Delete Application to use the latest versions of Datatable and the Flow Base Packs. Taking advantage of the Datatable’s ability to select multiple records and pass […]

New Version of Datatable

If you have a Sandbox that has been updated to Winter 23 Patch 12 you may run into an issue with the Datatable component where you will get an error if you edit any rows or if you select just a single row. Salesforce is working on an underlying issue in Version 3 of the […]

Latest Update for Datatable addresses some new bugs from Winter ’23

The Winter ’23 Salesforce release caused a few bugs to pop up in the Datatable component. Those along with a few others have been addressed in the latest (4.0.9) release. Get correct clickable links for LWR Experience Sites Fixed intermittant error with isDisableSuppressBottomBar Winter 23 – Fixed clickable links while running in the Flow Builder […]