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Create a Flow Menu for System Admin Tools

System Admin Tools Menu Over time I have created a number of specialized Flows in my org for System Admins to help fix records or unwind certain processes.  I find these are a much safer way of keeping the data clean rather than trying to remember all the manual steps necessary to update records correctly. […]

Let’s Get Toasty!

There has been a simple Show Toast action available on unofficialsf.com that you could use in a Flow to display a pop-up toast panel with a message of your choice. Recently I’ve seen users asking for things like being able to control the display time or including a clickable link in their message. I decided to add […]

How to Include Chatter Posts on Printable Views

In Spring ’19 Salesforce added a Printable View button to many Standard and all Custom Objects. The Printable View includes the current user’s page layout and related lists. What it does not include are any Posts that users have added to the Chatter Feed. In this Blog Post, I’ll show you how to add a […]

Enhance your Flows with Data Tables – Part 4 (Inline Editing)

Lightning Flow Screen Components are a great way to add power to and improve the look of your Flows.  In this four-part series, I’ll show you how a single component, designed to display a list or table, can enhance your Flows. The unofficialsf.com website includes datatableFSC as one of many Flow Screen Components you can use for your […]

How to make a field POP on the page

Sometimes you just want to make a certain field stand out on your page layout. The standard detail section for a Record Page shows all fields the same way. I wanted to be able to see, at a quick glance, what the Case # was on my internal Software Development Case record page. How could […]