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Implementing a Simple Timeline in Salesforce Using Vis.js

Petr Novotný has created an excellent LWC component for showing a Gantt like chart. Here is his write-up on the component along with links to the installation package and the source code. Petr Novotný – Salesforce Professional ★ Certified Consultant, Architect & DEV | PRINCE2 | 15+ Yrs in IT | Global Project Lead | […]

New update for Datatable

There is a new update for Datatable (v4.1.1) I’ve added reactivity for Apex-Defined objects and fixed a bug where the results of the DataFetcher component weren’t being reactive on the initial load of the flow screen. I also made the placeholder text “Enter search term …” for the Search Bar a translatable label. You can […]

Check out the Latest Datatable Enhancements

It’s been a few months, but I hope it has been worth the wait for some of the fixes and enhancements you’ll see in the latest version of Datatable. I squashed a couple of bugs including: A few of the minor enhancements are: The two big enahancements are the addition of an optional Search Bar […]

New Collection Action – Return First N Records

I’ve added a new action to the library of Collection Actions. This action will take, for input, a collection of records and a count then it will return, for output, a collection of records along with a count of how many records were returned. The primary reason I created this action was to address the […]

Reactive Screen Component Demonstration

Now that we have the ability to have different components on the same flow screen be reactive to each other, I wanted to create a fun demonstration on how you can have the inputs for one component be reactive to the outputs from one or more other components. For this demonstration, I decided to recreate […]

New Updates to QuickChoice

QuickChoice, the multi-purpose picklist component, has been updated again. In addition to supporting picklist filtering by Record Type, you can now support Dependent Picklists by stacking as many QuickChoice components as you need on the same screen with the new Reactive Screen beta. Full support is provided for controlling Checkbox or Picklist fields. Check out […]

A Better Way to Debug Screen Flows

Have you ever wished you could debug a screen flow using the same UI that you have when you are debugging a triggered flow? You know, where you get to see the path taken through the flow and you can chose to expose or hide the details behind each of the executed nodes in the […]

Import/Export Flows Has Been Updated

I’ve updated the Import/Export Flows utility to use the current version of the Flow Base Packs. I’ve also updated the Installation to use unlocked packaging links. Read more about this utility and others on the Utilities Page.