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Extended Working Hours for Privileged Customers

Problem Statement Consider a bank with Operating hours 9AM to 5PM and a wealth manager Sam who works flexible hours 8AM to 6PM. During regular operating hours Sam is available to take any type of appointments, however for “Privileged” customers he doesn’t mind talking to them as early as 8AM and as late as up […]

From Adwait : Email Appointment Confirmation with Video Conferencing Information (3rd Party) included

Introduction This blog will cover the scenarios for a salesforce user to integrate third party web conferencing tools which provide video appointments (like zoom, WebEx, MS team) and send an email confirmation including those details for the recipient to attend the meeting. We will follow the following steps in order : We will be covering […]

From Chris Albanese: Scheduler – Book multiple appointments using Flow and the LxScheduler namespace

Introduction Salesforce Scheduler provides a precision scheduling experience, powered by flow that allows your prospective customers, customers, and employees to schedule appointments with ease and allows you to build stronger relationships with your customers. Often times, a customer would like to schedule or is required to schedule more than 1 appointment. For example, in one […]

From Faith Kindle: Generating an ICS file after Service Appointment Save in Salesforce Scheduler flows

Preface Salesforce Scheduler provides tools needed to simplify appointment scheduling in Salesforce. With Salesforce Scheduler, it’s easy to embed appointment scheduling into standard Salesforce workflows, such as leads and referrals, opportunities, and accounts. The outcome of the scheduling process is creation of a Service Appointment record which has the details of the appointment created by […]

From Sunil Nandipati: Deploying Salesforce Scheduler from Sandbox to Production Environments

Preface Customers who have a streamlined development processes typically use multiple non-production environments (one for each probably – development, QA, integration, data migration, SIT and UAT). And it is a general practice that development teams develops in development sandboxes first, check in their code to a repository and adds instructions to deployment trackers – for […]

From Sunil Nandipati: Scheduling a Contact

Problem Statement With Salesforce Scheduler, it’s easy to embed appointment scheduling into standard Salesforce workflows, such as leads and referrals, opportunities, accounts (and person accounts in the B2C Model) and ALSO cases (as of Winter ’23 release). But NOT for Contacts (with B2B model). In this blog, we will look at options to schedule a […]

From Cameron Farrier-Mcgoldrick: Suppress Survey Invitations based on Criteria

Introduction Salesforce Feedback Management provides ‘Survey Invitation Rules’ feature OOTB which lets admins define rules and conditions under which survey invitations can be sent.   This is equivalent to configuring a survey trigger based on triggering conditions.  Here is an example where a survey invitation is sent out to capture additional information everytime a case is […]

From Chris Albanese: Enhancing the Share Availability Feature with Appointment Invitation configurations

Background The Summer ’22 release of Salesforce Scheduler introduces an amazing new feature called Share Service Resource Availability by Using an Invitation URL. This feature allows a service resource to easily generate a URL that their customers and prospects can use to schedule appointments with them. Above: Help and Training Article describing the new feature […]