Flow Action Base Pack Now Available on AppExchange

For the first time, one of the packages maintained here at UnofficialSF.com is now available as a managed package on AppExchange, through Salesforce Labs. Salesforce Flow: Actions Base Pack is a library of Apex classes that extend Salesforce Flow, supporting a range of new screen components, providing Flow with services for formula evaluation, expression evaluation and more.

Generally you won’t use the Actions Base Pack directly. Rather, you’ll be guided to install it as a prerequisite for other useful Flow extensions.

In order to get published on Salesforce App Exchange, it’s necessary to complete a security review and be packaged as a managed package. The version of Actions Base Pack that’s published on App Exchange is guaranteed to have completed that security review.

Should we publish more components on AppExchange?

There’s an overhead cost to processing extensions for App Exchange. We’ll be looking for signal from the ecosystem to see if making this extra effort results in greater adoption of these extensions.

Note that, due to the overhead of passing security reviews, the version published on App Exchange won’t always be the latest version available at UnofficialSF.com. For example, the first version to be posted is version 2.35, but there’s a later version 2.36 available at UnofficialSF.com