The Unofficial Orchestrator Home Page

Orchestrator is a new product that orchestrates multiple flows to enable sophisticated business processes to be built without code.

Orchestrator is generally available and is available to try on all orgs.


New! Official Salesforce Incident Management Demo

Eigensonne Demo

Pratima’s Demo

Andy Schmeichen’s Demo


(Note that these were shot on a pilot version of Orchestrator so they can be a little misleading. However they’re still useful as a walkthrough)

Intro Post

Official Documentation

Trailblazer Group

Debugging Tips for Salesforce Orchestrator

These guidelines apply as of Spring ’22. In general, the idiosyncracies and gaps that are discussed here represent things that the development team just hasn’t had a chance to get to yet. Key Debugging Concepts Use the Orchestration Run list view to access the debugger for in-process orchestrations. Unlike screen and autolaunched flows, there’s no […]

Orchestrator Pricing

Orchestrator is generally available and here’s an unofficial FAQ on how it will be priced. How is it sold? The product will be sold via a Service Cloud add-on license. What’s the Freemium Allocation? All PxE, Enterprise, Enterprise, and Unlimited Editions get 600 annual runs included (regardless of org size). Pricing Before any Discounts? It’s a consumption-based […]