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Orchestrator is a new product that orchestrates multiple flows to enable sophisticated business processes to be built without code.

Orchestrator is generally available and is available to try on all orgs.


New! Official Salesforce Incident Management Demo

Eigensonne Demo

Pratima’s Demo

Andy Schmeichen’s Demo

ISV Highlight: Approval Processes on Orchestrator


(Note that these were shot on a pilot version of Orchestrator so they can be a little misleading. However they’re still useful as a walkthrough)

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Official Documentation

Trailblazer Group

Using Orchestrator with OmniScripts to Address Health Use Cases

From Dean Fischesser, one of the nicest Orchestration demos I’ve seen: In this great demo created by the business process involves a complex set of steps needed to onboard a Physician into a health system: Completion of an initial Omniscript…. …triggers the underlying orchestration: Note that the screen flow forming the first interactive step has […]

Transactions and Flow Orchestration

Think of an Orchestration step as a core flow surrounded by a layer that tracks who that flow is assigned to and what determines when that flow has been properly completed. Once the main orchestration flow starts, it will pause and go to sleep when all appropriate steps have been started. Then it will wake up when […]

Quick Tip: Cancel a Running Orchestration from a Flow

You can terminate a running orchestration by doing an Update Records on its Orchestration Run record: