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This Post was most recently updated on: 8/30/22
Current Version: 1.7

8/30/22Eric Smith – Version 1.7


  • Moved the updated component to the FlowScreenComponentsBasePack v3.16 and later   


This is a custom Lightning Web Component that can be used on a Flow Screen. It is combined with an Apex Class that will query and present a list of Flows in your org. In one use case, the API Name of the selected Flow can then be used to launch the Flow using the Open URL Flow Action.


  • Define the width of the selection list
  • Include a search parameter to filter the list
  • Specify the type of Flow
  • Show only Active Flows


See more details and previous versions in these articles
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  • Flow Name Filter
    • Set a value to search and filter the returned list of Flows.  This adds a LIKE %filtertext% to the Flow lookup.
  • Flow Selector Label
    • Set the text to appear above the Flow selection box
  • Only show which Flow types?
  • Placeholder text for selection box
    • (default = “- Select a Flow -” )
    • Set the placeholder text to appear in the Flow selection box
  • Required?
    • (default = False)
    • If set to True, an error message will appear when trying to advance to the next screen if no Flow is selected.
  • Set component width (out of 12)
    • (default = 12)
    • By dividing the full display area width into 12 equal sections, you can specify the percentage of the total width to be used by this component in 12ths.
    • For example a value of 12 would be 100% width, 9 would be 75% width, 6 would be 50% width, 3 would be 25% width.
  • Show Active Flows Only?
    • (default = False)
    • If set to True, only active Flows will be displayed
  • Store the API name of the selected Flow
    • On output this stores the API name of the selected Flow, and the component can be initialized with a value on input


This simple Flow presents a list of Flows containing the word Test in their name then runs the selected Flow.

(1) – The list of Flows is filtered to only include those whose Label contains the word Test

(2) – The width of the selection box is set to 4/12 of the total container width

(3) – The API Name of the selected Flow will be stored in the vSelected variable

The Flow URL formula combines the my domain for the Org with API name for the selected Flow.

 LEFT({!$Api.Partner_Server_URL_340},FIND("/services", {!$Api.Partner_Server_URL_340})) & "/flow/" & {!vSelected} 

Flow Selection

Flow Execution

Revision History

12/10/22Eric Smith – Version 1.6


  • Fixed search string when filtering by name   

12/10/22Eric Smith – Version 1.6


  • Fixed search string when filtering by name  

11/5/22Eric Smith – Version 1.5


  • Refactored to use V3 of the FlowActionsBasePack  

Update 01/02/21Eric Smith – Version 1.4

Refactored to use Flow Actions Base Pack

Update 5/8/20 – Version 1.3.1

Fixed bug: breaks if only one process type is provided

Update 12/20/19 – Eric Smith – Version 1.3

  • Added labels for the configuration attributes,   
  • Added help text for the configuration attributes,                        
  • Added support for changing the default placeholder text,        
  • Added a search string to filter the list of flows,        
  • Sorted the list to display in alphabetical order by Flow Label,  
  • Added an attribute to specify the width of the component,      
  • Added a method to expose the selected Flow API Name to a calling component,        
  • Created a Test Class so the component can be packaged


This component (v1.7) is now part of the FlowScreenComponentsBasePack. Do NOT install from the older package links on this page.


Production or Developer – v1.6
Sandbox – v1.6

Older Versions


Production or Developer – v1.5
Sandbox – v1.5

This application requires the FlowActionsBasePack to be installed first

Component Only

v1.31 Component Only 5/10/20

Component along with OpenURL and a Sample Flow

Source Code