New Ways to Open Web Pages from Flow

The new OpenURL Flow Action allows a URL to be opened by your Flow. It runs everywhere, unlike the Load Web Page Flow Action.

This action allows the URL to be opened in three modes:

  • newTab: Opens in a new tab in the browser
  • newPage: Opens in a new browser window
  • replace: replaces the existing flow, effectively terminating it

Install Package

Source Code

Use one of the above strings as an input to the ‘mode’ parameter. The default is ‘newTab’.

This action uses popup technology and may get blocked by popup blockers. If that’s becoming a problem for you, consider the alternative Load Web Page action.

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  1. Chris V
    Chris V says:

    This works really well to re-direct a user to a record in Classic Console. In my scenario I have a screen-flow that opens in a pop-upon leads/contacts. Originally the flow ended with a “You are done, now close the window, refresh and go to the newly created record” message. Now I am able to replace the flow with the newly created record.

    What would take this to the next level is actions that can call methods from the Classic Console API like closeTab(), openPrimaryTab(), openSubtab(), refreshTab (), setTabTitle(),isInConsole() etc A lot of these work both in classic and lightning!

    I use the same flow in Lightning. However, in lightning the flow is embedded in the flexi-page. It opens it in a new console tab on finish. (desired outcome). This allows the users to look at both records.

    So this has been a win!


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