Dynamic Launching of Screen Flows

Suppose you have 20 screen flows representing 20 different business processes, and you want to dynamically determine which one a user should be brought to. One way to do this is to have a master flows with 20 subflows and a big decision element. That’s a little inflexible, though. Each time you add or delete something you have to change the master flow. And managing the big decision element takes work that it would be nice to be able to avoid.

Let’s look at a different approach.

Get the demo flow from the video, including the Flow List FSC picker and the Open URL Flow Action here.

The sample Flow we use in the above video incorporates two components:
1) a Flow List component provides users with a list of flows to choose from.
2) A new Open URL Flow Action launches the chosen screen flows by URL.

Of course, you don’t have to leave the choice of flow up to the user who is running the flow. You can generate the name of the flow to launch via your own flow logic.

Also see https://unofficialsf.com/generate-urls-that-launch-flows-with-generate-flow-link/

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