Create a Flow Menu for System Admin Tools

System Admin Tools Menu

Over time I have created a number of specialized Flows in my org for System Admins to help fix records or unwind certain processes.  I find these are a much safer way of keeping the data clean rather than trying to remember all the manual steps necessary to update records correctly.

To make it easier to select and run these specialized Flows I wanted to come up with a way to provide a menu of these tools to select from.  On, I found a simple Flow Screen Lightning Web Component that could display a list of Flows in the org and return the API Name of the selected Flow.

The first thing I did with this component (flowPickerFSC) was to enhance it by adding some additional attributes to make it more powerful and user friendly.  I added labels and help text for the configuration attributes, created a filter for the flow search, sorted the displayed list, updated the documentation and created install packages for Production and Sandboxes.

One way to use this component to run a flow is to add the OpenURL Flow Action component to the calling flow and pass the URL of the selected flow to it.  I show how this can be done on the documentation page for flowPickerFSC.

For my Admin Tools Menu I wanted to run my flows in place in a pop-up modal window.  Salesforce Labs has a nice app for this on the App Exchange called Launch Flow in Modal.

With just a few minor tweaks to this component, I was able to embed the Flow Picker LWC and use that to select and set the flow to be loaded in the pop-up modal window.

With these changes, my new component is ready to add to any Lightning Home, App or Record page.

  1. – Any random text is OK here as the Flow Name will be reset by the LWC
  2. – This is the standard Salesforce color for Brand (Dark Cerulean)

Here is the component in action:

Here’s hoping this inspires you to try something like this in your own org.

Follow these links for Installation and Source Code:

Source Code



Install Package

This application requires the FlowActionsBasePack to be installed first

Version 1.4 – Eric Smith – 01/02/21



Release History

Version 1.3 – 12/20/19

Lightning Web Component Bundles: flowPickerFSC

Aura Component Bundles:  ccp_launchFlowModal, ccp_renderFlow

Apex Classes: FlowListController, FlowListControllerTest



Eric Smith – December 2019