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Updates to Dedupe Record Collections Action & ExtractStringsFromCollection Action

Update 5/18/20 The ‘Dedupe Fields From Record Collection‘ action is being retired and the functionality is now being moved into the CollectionsProcessors ‘ExtractFieldsFromCollection’ action: Ragan Walker added several improvements to the action: Parameterizes dedupeValues functionality (defaults to true) You can now output to a comma-separated text variable instead of just a text collection variable Supports extracting + deduping […]

Convert Records to a CSV File

Ragan Walker and I over at CapTech Consulting have been hard at work at an insanely useful Generate CSV invoked action for you all. I consider this the inverse of Narender Singh’s ‘Create Records from CSV‘ action. We built this to fully utilize some of UnofficialSF’s awesome custom actions like ExcecuteSOQL, Send Rich Text Email, […]