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[From Tigerface Systems] Enhanced Datatable with Full Mobile Support

Editor’s Note: UnofficialSF is pleased to enable commercial creators of Flow extensions like Tigerface Systems to introduce their products and demonstrate useful use cases. One of our goals is to see a rich tier of commercial solutions in addition to the many free extensions that will continue to be available. The Tigerface Systems Flow Data […]

How I Built This: Drive Your Survey Automations with Flow – Part 1

I’ve seen quite a number of people asking how to drive automations using Salesforce Surveys and Flow and thought I would share a solution I’ve used in a recent project that utilizes Custom Metadata records to intelligently drive automation based on specific responses. First, I will say that for basic automations the Surveys add-on called […]

July and August Community Flowcast

The Flowcast is an attempt to summarize the key posts and community developments around Flow in a ‘bite-size’ format each month. I just posted the newest Flowcast for July & August – I hope you enjoy it! Check the video comments for hyperlinks to the various articles.

From Jonathan Gillespie: Custom Metadata Saver + Datatable

Jonathan Gillespie, author of the amazing Nebula Logger, enhanced his Custom Metadata Saver package to include a nifty datatable that allows in-line editing of custom metadata records in the system. This can serve has a handy tool for admins and power users that need to make frequent changes to Custom Metadata records – as making […]