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Luke Freeland Does ‘Get All Fields’ Benchmarking

Continuing his work in Flow Benchmarking (Salesforce Record Automation Benchmarking by Luke Freeland), Luke has done some more interesting benchmarking with performance data on forcing Flow to store all fields in the new ‘Get All Fields’ feature. Interesting stuff and worth considering when forcing Flow to truly store all of the fields in a record […]

Tutorial: Schedule a Flow to Delete Old Files (ContentDocuments) – Featuring New ‘AddQuotesToFields’ Action, ExecuteSOQL, and ExtractStringsFromCollection v2

Check out the video walk-through here. With all of the new actions coming I thought I’d share a ‘bring it all together’ tutorial that outlines several actions here on USF: ExecuteSOQL ExtractStringsFromCollection (Version 2!) (NEW!) AddQuotesToFields Sandbox Install Link Source Code (coming soon to the UnofficialSF repo) I strongly recommend you reading up on Salesforce […]

Updates to Dedupe Record Collections Action & ExtractStringsFromCollection Action

Update 5/18/20 The ‘Dedupe Fields From Record Collection‘ action is being retired and the functionality is now being moved into the CollectionsProcessors ‘ExtractFieldsFromCollection’ action: Ragan Walker added several improvements to the action: Parameterizes dedupeValues functionality (defaults to true) You can now output to a comma-separated text variable instead of just a text collection variable Supports extracting + deduping […]

Convert Records to a CSV File

Ragan Walker and I over at CapTech Consulting have been hard at work at an insanely useful Generate CSV invoked action for you all. I consider this the inverse of Narender Singh’s ‘Create Records from CSV‘ action. We built this to fully utilize some of UnofficialSF’s awesome custom actions like ExcecuteSOQL, Send Rich Text Email, […]