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March Community Video ‘Flowcast’

Much like last month’s ‘Flowcast’ – I highlight a bunch of components, articles, and actions featured here on UnofficialSF – check it out in the link below! The description in the video has links to each of the articles mentioned – enjoy!

Flow Community Development Overview “Flowcast” – Feb. 2021

Check out what went on in the Flow development community in the month of February! This highlight video will cover various posts from here on UnofficialSF as well as other components and actions found online. Have something cool to share? Post a link in the comments thread! Spring 21’ Links Official Flow Release Notes – […]

Create Custom Metadata Records from Flow & a CSV File

From Salesforce MVP Narender Singh comes a nifty screen component that lets you create Custom Metadata Records from a CSV file from an embedded screen component: Check it out This is especially neat because it’s currently pretty difficult to mass create custom metadata records as you cannot use Apex or Dataloader. Thanks Narender! For you […]

Extending Flow Overview Video

Hi everyone! I recently worked on a video to help give an overview on when and why you might use Flow extensions. I also cover some good sample scenarios using various actions and also cover some lessons learned. Check out the summary (with helpful clickable timestamps) below! Here’s the video: Slides (with the hyperlinks to […]

Luke Freeland Does ‘Get All Fields’ Benchmarking

Continuing his work in Flow Benchmarking (Salesforce Record Automation Benchmarking by Luke Freeland), Luke has done some more interesting benchmarking with performance data on forcing Flow to store all fields in the new ‘Get All Fields’ feature. Interesting stuff and worth considering when forcing Flow to truly store all of the fields in a record […]