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The Three Musketeers Arrive in Winter ’23: Data Table (Beta), IN Operator, and Record Type Filtering for Picklists

It’s time to bust out the Salesforce Confetti animations and celebration gifs – I am beyond excited to announce three extremely popular requests are making their way to Flow in the Winter ‘23 release!  Stay tuned for more information on what’s coming in Winter ’23, but for now, enjoy some juicy release nuggets. Let’s dive […]

[From Tigerface Systems] Enhanced Datatable with Full Mobile Support

Editor’s Note: UnofficialSF is pleased to enable commercial creators of Flow extensions like Tigerface Systems to introduce their products and demonstrate useful use cases. One of our goals is to see a rich tier of commercial solutions in addition to the many free extensions that will continue to be available. The Tigerface Systems Flow Data […]

How I Built This: Drive Your Survey Automations with Flow – Part 1

I’ve seen quite a number of people asking how to drive automations using Salesforce Surveys and Flow and thought I would share a solution I’ve used in a recent project that utilizes Custom Metadata records to intelligently drive automation based on specific responses. First, I will say that for basic automations the Surveys add-on called […]