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By Mrityunjoy Chowdhury: Bulk Shift upload with recurring Shift and Add multiple topic and channel

Bulk Upload Shift for Recurring Shift Follow the previous steps to know how to upload shift in bulk. https://help.salesforce.com/s/articleView?id=sf.ls_create_shifts_in_bulk_from_a_csv_file.htm&type=5 Bulk Recurring Shift recording Bulk Shift Topic and Channel recording In recurring shift we have added 2 new fields which will allow users to upload daily weekly and monthly shift. A sample request payload is given […]

From Ankit Srivastava: Restraining Shifts within the Service Territory’s Operating Hours

In the Spring ‘22 release, Scheduler introduced Shift Rostering Management which can be used to setup working hours for resources. Shifts is a paradigm changing update to Salesforce Scheduler product. It eases pain of setting adhoc or non-recurring time slots for Service Resources to work. It also gives flexibility to work outside Service Territory’s operating […]

From Mrityunjoy Chowdhury: Adding Multiple Shift records using a CSV file

In the Spring ‘22 release, Scheduler introduced Shift Rostering Management which can be used to setup working hours for resources.  Instead of adding shift records one at a time, we can add multiple shifts in one go! Salesforce Scheduler allows adding multiple shifts. In this document we will demonsrate how to upload shifts using Salesforce […]

From Ruchi Sharma: Preset browser timezone for Guest users

In Spring’21 Salesforce Scheduler introduced a feature to preset the timezone for the appointment time slots .This feature sets the default time zone for all time slot pages, using the provided DefaultTimeZone flow variable. We can use this feature to dynamically set the time zone in which guest users load time slots i.e. browser timezone. […]

From Faith Kindle, Mrityunjoy Chowdhury & Sunil Nandipati: Accessing Inbound Guest Appointment Scheduler Flow from External Websites by Un-authenticated users

Context & Preface Businesses and Organizations which provide services have to provide a way for their customers to request appointments with the provider’s service resources. These experiences are expected to be easy to access without any kind of account creation and no authentication involved. Examples can be booking an appointment with a hair stylist at […]

From Shantinath Patil: Google Maps in Scheduler

The out of the box Salesforce Scheduler service territory search screen only lets you search a location via Google API. However, it does not show those locations on a map, nor does it add more information about that territory. An example of such a use case would be letting customers know that route to that […]

From Shantinath Patil: Appointments with Dynamic Duration

In Salesforce Scheduler, Work Type is an entity where we store information about the skeleton of an invite. It’s just a template we can use to define meeting duration, block time before/after, timeframe start/end. In the provided flow templates, work type selection happens with the help of a work type group. You first select a […]

From: Shantinath Patil: Review Your Resource

In Spring 22, the Salesforce scheduler has given a new feature: enabling rendering HTML tags in Service Resource cards. This new feature has opened up many possibilities to show additional information about the resource. This help guide lets you add fields to the Service Resource cards: https://help.salesforce.com/s/articleView?id=sf.ls_change_the_fields_that_appear_on_the_service_resource_cards.htm&type=5. Peer reviews and ratings are common decision making […]

From Ruchi Sharma: Setup a Topic Hierarchy

Salesforce Scheduler provides a component to display and select a work type group.By default, this component display all the work type group records, in Spring ‘22 this component is getting the capability to filter work type group records based on specified Ids. You can check the component documentation here. Work Type Group Hierarchy Imagine you […]

From Chris Albanese: VRA Scheduling – Use Salesforce Scheduler and Visual Remote Assistant to provide virtual meetings

Salesforce Visual Remote Assistant (VRA) allows you to provide immediate assistance to your customers and employees over video chat. You can find much more information on VRA on Salesforce’s website at https://www.salesforce.com/products/service-cloud/features/visual-remote-assistant/ With the Winter ’22 release, VRA introduced a new feature to facilitate the scheduling of virtual appointments between agents or mobile workers and […]