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Easily Add Confirmation Dialogs to your Lightning Components with lwcModal!

Overview lwcModal provides an easy way for LWC developers to add modals (aka pop-up dialogs) to components they’re building. It serves two related but distinct use cases: Customizable, composable modal. Pass any markup into the modal, including custom buttons. This part I shamelessly stole took inspiration from James Simone’s blog post and component and made a few tweaks. Programmatic […]

Flow Button Bar: new and improved!

Overview The new and improved Flow Button Bar (FBB) builds on the existing “Custom Flow Navigation Buttons” component, which is:  “a simple, lightweight tool that gives Flow builders the ability to present users with customizable navigation choices that go beyond the standard ‘Next/Finish’ and ‘Previous’.” FBB brings a more user-friendly interface, new features like icons and […]

Flow Scheduler: Enable Self-Service Scheduling for Field Service

Context and Use Case Salesforce Field Service (formerly known as Field Service Lighting or FSL) provides a series of UIs that allow agents and dispatchers to schedule appointments. However, a common use case for organizations involves providing self-service scheduling for end users through a Community. This package provides a wrapper and UI that allows admins […]

Which navigation button is right for me?

There are multiple custom buttons and navigation tools on unofficialsf.com, each with unique advantages. Here are a few of your options, and when you might consider each one: Custom Flow Navigation Buttons by David Fromstein Description: Used solely for directing navigation between elements within a Flow Full disclosure: the guy writing this comparison doc is the […]

Custom Flow Navigation Buttons: move beyond ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’

UPDATE 5/31/2021: This component has been replaced (and upgraded) by Flow Button Bar, which contains all the functionality available here plus some significant new features, and also includes a much more user-friendly configuration panel. I recommend using Flow Button Bar going forward. Overview Custom Flow Navigation Buttons is a simple, lightweight tool that gives Flow […]