Flow Form Factor Helper Lightning Web Component

Ever needed to have access to the form factor of the client in which your flow is executing? Today that’s not (yet) natively possible. But with a simple Lightning web component we can determine the form factor. And as bonus, have ability to make the flow to progress automatically.

Use-case? Think of a Flow invoked by a Lightning action. The flow works fine on the desktop. But that same flow might not be fit-for-purpose for a mobile device. But there is no straight-forward way to hide the action (until we get Lightning Dynamic Forms later in ’20). You want to simply inform the user, the flow is not designed to run on a small form factor. Just Install the package or visit the Github repo. Drop the Flow Form Factor Helper Lwc component in a screen element. Tell the component whether to auto-navigate forward (default = false) and save the determined form factor in a Flow variable. There’s no more to it!


Version 1.1 9/11/22 Production Sandbox Fix for Winter ’23

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