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Use Voice IVR data in an Omni Flow

I wrote a post recently about how to set up routing for Service Cloud Voice, which now uses Flows in Salesforce to decide what queue to route to. One of the questions I got back was how to leverage data captured from the IVR to drive the routing decision. It’s a great use-case, as it […]

Routing for Salesforce Chat

Overview Traditionally with Chat, there was a 1:1 relationship between the Chat Button and a Queue, so it was never easy to build dynamic routing logic in. If we wanted some chats to go to the sales team, and others to service, or if we wanted to prioritize VIP customers over others, we had to […]

Service Cloud Voice Routing – Technical deep dive

How it works (under the covers) The great thing about the upgrades for Routing of Service Cloud Voice that are GA in Spring is that it makes setup for Voice routing simpler and more powerful at the same time. It keeps all of the existing flexibility of Amazon, but enhances it with Salesforce data, and […]

Routing for Service Cloud Voice with Omni Flow

Overview In Spring 22 there’s a massive leap forward in making the setup for Routing both easier and more powerful with the GA of Omni Flows for Service Cloud Voice (for Amazon Connect). In the past, we needed to configure all of the Routing Requirements inside an Amazon Contact Flow. While an incredibly powerful tool, […]