Add super powers to supervisors with new Configurable Flow Actions

In the Winter ’23 release, an exciting new feature was shipped allowing admins to put more power in the hands of Supervisors to run their teams’ with a new configurable action framework from Omni Supervisor.

You can leverage the power of live data on Omni Supervisor, across all of the tabs (lists of Agents, Queues, Skills, work items in a given Queue, etc.) to execute contextual Screen Flow actions.

Make changes to agents configurations, Re-route work from a Queue, Order a Pizza for your team! The possibilities are endless – I’ve created a few examples that you can try out to get you started, you can find the details, including the installation link in this post.

New Omni Supervisor Actions can be found in the top right of each screen

To get the most our of this great new feature, you will want to find out what are some of the common actions Supervisors need to take on users or work items which require many clicks or manual steps today – these going to be perfect candidates to create new custom actions for, which can speed up their day tremendously (making you a hero). There may also be common actions IT or admins need to make, that could be delegated down to Supervisors, which are also great candidates (e.g. reset a users password).

To make use of these actions, you will need to assign Supervisors a ‘Supervisor Configuration’ – more details on those here.

Creating Custom Actions

A Custom Action is just a Screen Flow – however, the powerful part of these custom actions is the context you can pass to them – that is the list of records users select before invoking the action. That list of records gets converted to a list of IDs and put into an input variable for the flow, called ‘ids’, which the Flow can then take action on.

Each page passes in different types of data to the Flow – you can find more information in our help docs about each, but they fall into 1 of these 3 options:

  • User(s)
  • Queue(s)
  • Work Record IDs (i.e. the ID of the work item being routed – so a Case or Voice Call for instance)

Once you have your use case, creating the custom action is pretty straight forward and is outlined in our help docs, but here are the quick steps:

  1. Create a new Flow of type ‘Screen Flow’
  2. Create an input variable called ‘ids’ that is a Text Collection variable and is ‘Available for Input’
  3. Now perform the action(s) on the records that are passed in as appropriate, looping where required
  4. Save & Activate, giving it a sensible label as this is what will show up to your Supervisors as the button label

How easy is that??!! However, I want to help you out even more by diving into a few extra hints and tips when creating these:

  • Use a Toast to display success or failure instead of an extra screen to reduce clicks for the supervisor. You can find a package with this component on this site, here:
  • Use the ‘Collection Filter’ element to quickly create a list of record IDs of all the same type (e.g. Cases), by checking the IDs in the list all start with the same 3 character prefix. You can then iterate each list independently with the Loop element
  • You can use the Flow feature of running Flows in System Context to delegate down extra powers to the Supervisors, so that the actions they run can manipulate admin data (such as Presence Configurations or Routing Configurations), or even objects/fields that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to – within the guardrails of the Flow that restricts what they can and can’t do to those objects.
  • You can add Emoticons 👍🙏❗️ to the Label of the Flow, which will then show up on the Supervisor screen to stand out more
  • The order you assign these is important – the first 4 will be shown on the page, while you can have up to 6 more in the dropdown (for a total of 10).
  • To test your actions, create a test Screen Flow that calls your new Flows as sub-flows, passing in the list of appropriate IDs to each.

Now you can go ahead and assign this action to your Supervisor Configurations, and see your Supervisors productivity skyrocket!

I’m excited to see how our customers will make use of this exciting new feature! Don’t forget, to get you started I have created some examples of some common Flows you may want to use, and even packaged them up – details can be found in this page.