Check out some of the changes and enhancements to External Services in the Winter ’22 release – supporting even larger API spec sizes (4MB!) and improving the registration workflow with rescoped limits!

Import MuleSoft Anypoint Platform APIs via External Services

Import your MuleSoft Anypoint Platform APIs in a few clicks. Previously, you needed to manually export your Open API 2.0 specifications from MuleSoft and import them into an external service. Now, all you need to do is select your MuleSoft Name Credentials and let Salesforce do the heavy lifting of importing your endpoints and converting them into actions.

Revised and Expanded Operation, Action, and Object Limits

You can register even more complex, publicly available API specifications. Most registration limits have been rescoped from a per API spec limitation to a per org limitation, and have been expanded.

Map Non-Standard Media Types in Your Registration

A Salesforce administrator, developer, or ISV can edit the compatible media type mappings in an external service registration for OpenAPI specifications with unknown or non-standard request or response media types.

For Winter ’22, we’ve provided a workaround. With the Metadata API, you can manipulate a registration and override the definition of the custom header.

External Services in Einstein Bot Builder

Add an external service’s action to your bot from the Bot Builder. Previously, you could only add an external service’s action to your bot via a flow.

Major Enhancements to the Trailhead Experience

Make sure to check out the newly revised External Services Trailhead module – we’ve made some major enhancements based on your feedback.

Additional Details

For additional details, make sure to review the Winter 22′ Release Notes!