10 Ways to Get Creative With Lightning Components

Are you looking for a taste of what you can find on here on Unofficialsf.com? How about some ideas on how to put some of the more popular Flow Components found on this site to work for you? Are you looking to improve how your users interact with your Lightning Record Pages?

Find all that and a few other ideas from a presentation I’ve given at Dreamforce and various other Salesforce events around the world. This recording is from the London’s Calling event held earlier this Spring.


I have either created or enhanced most of these components and they are all available, with source code, for free here on unofficialsf.com. They range from simple to complex, but all of them can be used in ways you may not have thought of before to bring out the best in your user experiences. The components are designed to be generic. No coding is required, and all can be customized and configured with built in parameters.