Action Updates: RecordDetail V1.6, Execute SOQL V1.3.1 Collection Processors V1.15

RecordDetail 1.6 gets a bug fix related to record type and view mode

Execute SOQL 1.3.1 gets fuller support for nested related queries:

Primary Fix:
Update regex for SOQL query string to to handled nested relationship queries after the WHERE clause; The code will first check to see if one of those queries exists and if true, will recursively search the nested queries and do the same formatted on those; If false, it will continue on with the single query search
Secondary Fixes:
Strip unwanted formatting characters from the query string that come in when text template is used in flow: ‘\n’, ‘\r\n’, ‘\t’
Fix time stamp formatting on date strings with a time: ’00:00 am’ is an invalid format. The equivalent, valid format using regular time is ’12:00 am’. ’00:00′ is only valid for 24hr formatting.
Fix month name to month number conversion: prepend a 0 on the month number if the string value is < 10
throw some exceptions for more informative error handling
cleaned up unit suite and fixed failing tests
Potential issues not yet fixed:
It appears that after the ‘ order by ‘ substring is removed from the query, it is never added back before querying.
Use Cases:
SELECT Id, Name,Status_DD__c,Region__c FROM Object2__c WHERE Status_DD__c in (‘Option 1′,’Option 2′,’Option 3’) and id not in (SELECT Id FROM Object1__c WHERE CreatedDate >= 2020-04-12T15:24:00Z) and Field1__r.Custom__c = ‘1234’
SELECT Id, Status__c, Contact__c , Custom__c FROM Object_1__c WHERE Status__c like ‘%Active%’ AND Account__r.Custom__c = ‘1234’ AND Custom__c not in (select Custom__c from Object_2__c where Contact__c = ‘1234’)

Special thanks to Adam White and new contributor Ragan Walker, from CapTech Consulting, for these excellent hardening fixes.

Collection Processors Version 1.15

  • New Action: DeepClone
  • Map Collection gets a bug fix to properly handle date functions like TODAY()