Action Updates: RecordDetail V1.6, Execute SOQL V1.3.1 Collection Processors V1.15

RecordDetail 1.6 gets a bug fix related to record type and view mode

Execute SOQL 1.3.1 gets fuller support for nested related queries:

Primary Fix:
Update regex for SOQL query string to to handled nested relationship queries after the WHERE clause; The code will first check to see if one of those queries exists and if true, will recursively search the nested queries and do the same formatted on those; If false, it will continue on with the single query search
Secondary Fixes:
Strip unwanted formatting characters from the query string that come in when text template is used in flow: ‘\n’, ‘\r\n’, ‘\t’
Fix time stamp formatting on date strings with a time: ’00:00 am’ is an invalid format. The equivalent, valid format using regular time is ’12:00 am’. ’00:00′ is only valid for 24hr formatting.
Fix month name to month number conversion: prepend a 0 on the month number if the string value is < 10
throw some exceptions for more informative error handling
cleaned up unit suite and fixed failing tests
Potential issues not yet fixed:
It appears that after the ‘ order by ‘ substring is removed from the query, it is never added back before querying.
Use Cases:
SELECT Id, Name,Status_DD__c,Region__c FROM Object2__c WHERE Status_DD__c in (‘Option 1′,’Option 2′,’Option 3’) and id not in (SELECT Id FROM Object1__c WHERE CreatedDate >= 2020-04-12T15:24:00Z) and Field1__r.Custom__c = ‘1234’
SELECT Id, Status__c, Contact__c , Custom__c FROM Object_1__c WHERE Status__c like ‘%Active%’ AND Account__r.Custom__c = ‘1234’ AND Custom__c not in (select Custom__c from Object_2__c where Contact__c = ‘1234’)

Special thanks to Adam White and new contributor Ragan Walker, from CapTech Consulting, for these excellent hardening fixes.

Collection Processors Version 1.15

  • New Action: DeepClone
  • Map Collection gets a bug fix to properly handle date functions like TODAY()

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Josue G.

I’m using ExecuteSOQL to run a query in a screenflow, it works nice, but I get an error  “Invalid Interview State“ when the query contains aggregate function like this:

SELECT CustomField1__c, SUM(CustomField2__c) FROM CustomObject__c Where filter=x group by CusotmField1_c

I get the error after clicking the next button of screen 01 (See image) and there is no debug message.

Is there any update to fix this?

Thanks! great job!

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 3.51.55 PM.png