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Mass-Modify Picklist Values with SetupViaFlow

The SetupViaFlow app has been enhanced to support bulk picklist value management, addressing parts of a long-standing feature request. The app provides the following functionality: For custom picklist fields you’ve created yourself, you can Activate and Deactivate picklist values but you can’t delete them. For standard picklist fields, you can’t do anything. This feature set […]

Use Flows to Post Messages to Microsoft Teams

This new extension provides support for: Post Message to MS TeamsCreate Teams ChannelInvite User to Teams ChannelKick User from Teams ChannelDelete Teams Channel Post Message to MS Teams The Message data structure is discussed here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/graph/api/resources/chatmessage?view=graph-rest-1.0 Input Properties subjectbody Output PropertiesmessageIderrorText The only Teams inputs we will support in this first version are Subject and […]

Preview: Assign Cases Using Skills with Omni-Channel Flows

The Service Cloud team has been working to deliver Flow Actions that route cases by tapping into agent skills. This functionality is available today in Service Cloud in a non-Flow way, but the new extension to Flow allows customers to customize this functionality to an unprecedented degree. Check out this mammoth 3-part preview from leCharles:

Hydrate Ids into Records with ‘Get Records From Ids’

The Collection Actions package of utility actions now has a new action that takes a collection of recordIds (i.e. a List of Strings) and returns the corresponding records. It carries out a SOQL query and obtains the fields that you specify by name. In this example, I start out with a collection of AccountTeamMembers to […]

Integrate Slack using Flow Actions

Slack invocable actions provide portable functionality that can be invoked via REST or used as point-and-click building blocks in Flow Builder, Bot Builder, and Strategy Builder. Create Slack Channel Invite User to Slack Channel (up to 1000 user ID’s) Kick User from Slack Channel Post to Slack (both plain text and full Slack markdown) Archive […]

From Christopher Hickman, Advanced CPQ Productivity using Flow

Christopher has created two very detailed posts that show how Flow can help facilitate some advanced tools for Salesforce CPQ implementations. This article focuses on using Lookup Queries to calculate prices: …and this one involves using Flow to prefill fields in a guided selling process: I’ve long wanted to see someone apply Flow to the […]