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Using Custom Screen Components with Conditional Field Visibility to Create Dependent Picklist Combos

This scenario is common and powerful: you have a Flow Lightning Screen Component on the screen. Perhaps its an out-of-the-box component like Address or Lookup, or maybe it’s a custom component like QuickChoice. You want to have another component on that screen use conditional visibility and make the visibility dependent on the value of the […]

Attention Flow Apex Developers: A Chance For Glory 1 :

Requesting: An apex action that converts a CSV file into a collection of records Looking for everlasting glory? Want to put Salesforce product managers into your debt? The library of invocable actions needs an action that takes an uploaded file Blob (presumably the Content Document created by the File Upload available in Flow) and the […]

Getting a SessionId into a Lightning Screen Component

One of the more notorious hacks in Salesforce is the trick that needs to be used from inside Lightning to obtain the SessionId, which is not directly accessible for security reasons. The most popular approach involves creating a Visualforce page. I stumbled today across another approach that I wasn’t previously aware of. From a Flow […]

Items To Approve, Improved

The ItemsToApprove component can be placed on recordPages to provide a list of records that have been submitted for Approval: This component goes beyond the Items to Approve lightning component provided by Salesforce in the following ways: Restores missing columns from the Classic component, including Submitter, Submission Date, and Recent Approver Add additional custom columns […]

SOQL Builder 1.1 Adds Related Fields and More

We recently published a component that generates SOQL queries, enabling users running Flows to build their own queries at run time. This package upgrades the component to version 1.1, adding the following functionality: You can now traverse to select related fields via relationships (example: [SELECT Account.Name FROM Contact…] An ‘Add All’ button lets you easily create the equivalent […]