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Create or Update with the new ‘Upsert Records’ Action

Use UpsertRecords when you want to take a collection that may or may not already exist in the database and save it. If the records in the collection have valid Id values, the corresponding records in the database will be updated with the flow’s collection. If not, new records will be created and saved. UpsertRecords […]

Video Highlights from June Flow Demos

June was a big month for Flow demo videos. First we had Summer ’20 Release Readiness Live, with special cameos by my mother-in-law’s dog, a baby, and a dubious plant. A week later, at TrailheaDX, another Flow presentation was given. This one included a sneak preview of two upcoming blockbuster features: Multicolumn Screens and Autolayout […]

Introducing Flow Buttons, Courtesy of Ryan Cox

Ryan Cox is a Technical Architect here at Salesforce, and he has built some very sweet Flow functionality. The FlowButton is a button that launches Flows. Simple concept, but no one has ever really shown what you can do with this. Let’s start with what you can do when you put a FlowButton on a […]

New Automation Tool Comparison Guides

Two very substantial new guides have just been published. They are the product of a huge internal effort spearheaded by Salesforce Flow Product Managers Sam Reynard and Tim Peng. Check it Out! Introduction to the Architect’s Guide Architect’s Guide to Building Forms Architect’s Guide to Building Record-Triggered Automation

Gidi Abramovich on Adding Validation to Standard Picklists using Flow and the new Record-Changed Trigger

Summer ’20 provides a new trigger: Start your Flow when a record is created or changed, just like Process Builder. Gidi’s post shows how you can use this to prevent unexpected values from being set on picklist fields. Note that Gidi’s solution features a workaround that allows the Flow to use ‘IsChanged’ functionality: Check it […]