Add an Object And Field Picker to your Flow

A growing number of Flow components and actions involve selecting either 1) an object type (“Account”), or 2) a field name (“Account Number”) or 3) both.

This Flow screen component provides a pair of picklists that you can drop into a screen that will show either the full set of available values in your org or a subset that you specify.

Available Parameters

masterLabel – Master label of the component

objectLabel(default "Object")– Label for "Choose Object" field

fieldLabel(default "Field") – Label for "Choose Field" field

objectType – initialization value for object name, supports all standard and custom objects

field – initialization value for field name, should be valid field on selected object, can not be specified if objectType is empty

availableObjectTypes – comma separated list of selectable object names, which should be available to select in objectType field. If this value is not set, objectType will show many existing UI API supported standard and all custom objects. If this is set to All, all Salesforce objects will be available in the Object list but the Field list will not be available for non UI API supported standard objects.

availableFields() – comma separated list of supported reference types, f.e. "User, Account" will result only fields of these types to be shown in "set field" component, all other references will be avoided.

isALlowAll (default = false) – Set to True when displaying ALL Salesforce objects

disableObjectPicklist (default = false) – Object picklist is visible, but disabled. If this is true, a value must be provided for objectType

hideObjectPicklist (default = false) – Object picklist is hidden. If this is true, a value must be provided for objectType

hideFieldPicklist (default = false) – will show only object selection and field select will be hidden

displayFieldType (default = false) – if field is selected it will show field type

Developer Notes

This component is available in the Flow Base Packs library, and we recommend that you install & use it from there instead of adding it separately to your projects.

12/20/20 – Eric Smith – Added option to include ALL objects in the Object picklist


This component is part of the Flow Base Packs package libraries.

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The package includes a sample flow called Select Object And Field Demo.