Advanced Flow Navigation Button from GravityLab

Dan Howell and GravityLab have made available an advanced Flow Navigation Button with no fewer than 12 built-in features, including:

  1. Add bespoke navigation options in a flow. For example, replace the “Next” button with a “Save and View” button.
  2. Launch new record or edit page. For example, launch the create new account page with a specific record type.
  3. Auto launch a quick action. For example, automatically launch the new opportunity quick action when an account with the type “prospect” is created.
  4. Navigate to another page. For example, auto navigate to another record page when a certain status is reached.

Documentation and Installation

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  1. Chase
    Chase says:

    Awesome component! I have a couple issues though…

    When I use the button to launch a flow with a screen containing a datatable, the modal width is too small and part of the table hangs off the edge. Is there any way to increase the width of the modal?

    Also, is there a way to make all the buttons on a screen the same size? Adding spaces to the label doesn’t seem to work.

    • Cole Prato
      Cole Prato says:

      Same issue here.. I was able to change this in the “Launch Flow in a Modal” components source code to get around this but since this managed I can’t.

      • Chase Kaiser
        Chase Kaiser says:

        I just set a boolean to true in the button-clicked output parameter and used a decision to launch a subflow. That way it stays in the same container as your parent flow

  2. Cole Prato
    Cole Prato says:

    You can add this to the component that renders the modal for the flow, this will make the modal bigger so there is more popover side.

    max-width: 70rem !important;
    width:70% !important;


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