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UnofficialSF introduces radical new highlighting scheme

Sometimes, one person can change the world. And in this case, that one person is Brian Doogan, who wrote: Now, some might call this harsh criticism. But here at UnofficialSF, we share the Salesforce enthusiasm for honest, true conversations and real feedback. So we took it to heart and innovated this dramatic new ‘blue’ selection […]

Flow Base Components 1.2 Upgrade: Now with Transfer Metadata

Flow Base Components is a package that will contain components shared among other Flow components. By enabling them all to share a single set of core components, we can dramatically reduce upgrade conflicts. In version 1.2, Flow Base Components gains: Transfer Metadata Flow Base Components already contains: Expression Builder Formula Builder Flow Combobox Pick Object […]

Build Tests Automatically with Flow Test Builder

This extension includes a flow that will generate Apex test classes for a selected target flow. A good example and use case is shown in this video: Autolaunched Flows can be launched via a REST or Apex call. That means that you can create tests that invoke the flows, passing in specified inputs, and inspect […]

Introducing Flow Base Components

NOTE: The Flow Base Components package has been superseded by the Flow Action BasePack and Flow Screen Component Base Pack. If you’re a developer, use those as your prerequisites. All of the functionality in Flow Base Components is available in the BasePacks. Many existing older components still use and require the original Flow Base Components. […]