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From M Hamza Siddiqui: New Styling Options for RecordDetail Screen Component

Nice add, Hamza! Styling Options You can apply SLDS classes to the MAIN BOX of this Screen Component. The major classes for themes are: slds-box slds-theme_defaultslds-box slds-theme_shadeslds-box slds-theme_shade slds-theme_alert-texture More Details: https://www.lightningdesignsystem.com/utilities/themes/ To use this, set the input attribute The default values is “slds-box slds-theme_default” But not limited to these classes but you can also add other […]

Mass-Modify Record Type Visibility on Profiles and PermSets and Picklist Values with SetupViaFlow

SetupViaFlow is a new installable extension that lets you 1) define changes to Record Type Visibility in Profiles and Permission Sets2) modify picklist values in bulk. Record Type Visibility This is normally done here: Assigning Record Types to Profiles Assigning Record Types to Permission Sets In real Salesforce usage, orgs can have a lot of […]

Join the Multicolumn Screens Pilot

Enable this pilot to see a new component in Screen Builder: Section. Each section can be divided into up to 4 columns. Customers can use Sections to create multi-column layouts on their screens, and then embed whatever screen components they like in those components.  To register for the pilot, you currently need to request access […]

Building AWS External Services

I haven’t had a chance to really dig into this topic, but was asked about it recently and thought I’d assemble some known information. Creating a Named Credential for AWS Signature V4 Salesforce has GA support for this as a Named Credential type: Testing AWS Named Credentials Use code like this Apex code to verify […]

From ProvenWorks: A Replacement Address Component With All Sorts of Smart Verification

One thing I really like to see: Flow Components with price tags. That typically means customer support and solid, deep functionality. A recently available ‘pro’ component for your consideration: AddressTools from ProvenWorks. They already had a potent lightning component that checks the validity of addresses. They’ve now exposed that functionality via two new Flow Screen […]