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Navigate Everywhere – Flow Action

This builds on recent work Eric Smith did to expand the range of navigation choices available in a single, straightforward navigation action for Flow. Navigate Everywhere should be able to replace all of the previous navigation components. It provides support for navigation from a flow to: a record page (in edit or view mode) a […]

Get a Layout’s Field Names – Flow Action

With the publication of the RecordDetail flow screen component, it became easy to get flow to show any list of field names you choose to give it. In many use cases, you might want to leverage your existing Layouts, particularly in situations where you’ve customized layouts on a per-record-type basis. Other recent tools make it […]

Get the Layout Corresponding To a Specific RecordType/Profile Combination – Flow Action

Layouts often differ substantially from recordType to recordType and from profile to profile. This action takes a recordTypeId and a profileId and returns that combination’s current LayoutId. One use of this is dynamically generating flow screen layouts with the RecordDetail flow screen component. To do this, after using this action to retrieve a LayoutId, use […]

Quick Choice – Improved Picklists and Radio Buttons for Flow

Quick Choice is a flow screen component that provides some features that aren’t available in the current picklist and radio button implementation in Flow Builder. Features that SmartChoice provides: Accepts as an input a pair of string collections. Can accept a default value that’s dynamically determined by your Flow Can generate picklists from existing picklist […]

Spring ’20 Flow Feature Preview

I’m pleased to share some of the upcoming highlights of Spring ’20. Trigger on Record Change Events Flow Builder now allows you to trigger on record changes, but there’s a catch: in Spring ’20, our support extends to “Before Save” triggers but not “After Save” triggers. The practical ramification of this is that when you […]

The RecordDetail Component

The RecordDetail component provides new ways to display record fields in Flow screens. Flow excels in providing fine control over field combinations, but sometimes you just want to show a bunch of fields from a record in one place without a lot of configuration. This component handles all the formatting, provides 2 column layout, and […]

Using SFDX to Easily Create Packages

My packaging pipeline has really improved in the last few months, thanks to sfdx and packaging commands that are now available. I thought I’d put together a video showing how to take a Flow/NBA app (or really any Salesforce app) and easily package with the most effective tools.

Dreamforce Slides – Put Predictions into Action: Einstein Prediction Builder and Next Best Action

These are the slides Einstein and Next Best Action product managers presented at this admin track session. The video recording will be published officially by Salesforce in the next 1-2 months. The session synosis was: Join us in this session to learn how you can harness the power of both Einstein Prediction Builder and Einstein […]