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Seralize/Deserialize Now Handles Collections of Records

The Serialize/Deserialize package is useful for use cases like passing records into a flow when the flow is invoked via a REST call. In that kind of situation, the inputs to the flow have to be strings and serialization converts records and record collections to strings. This is often paired with a deserialization action at […]

From Centro: Robust Automation in Salesforce and Slack using Flow, Platform Events & Workflow Builder

Editor’s Note: UnofficialSF is pleased to enable commercial creators of Flow extensions like Centro to introduce their products and demonstrate useful use cases. One of our goals is to see a rich tier of commercial solutions in addition to the many free extensions that will continue to be available. Centro leverages the power of Salesforce […]

Convert To Flow Now Generates Before-Save Triggers and Subflows

Support for Process Builder Processes that Launch Flows The latest update of Convert To Flow adds support for Process Builder processes that launch flows, converting them to Triggered Flows that use a Subflow. NOTE: this requires a Winter ’22 Org. The Newly Generated Flow Will Use Before-Save Triggers If Possible If the source process or […]

From Suraj Pilai and Hijlko: CSV File Import Gets Some Great Internationalization Improvements

The ConvertCSVToRecords action has been upgraded to add the following features: Support for Non-US Separators Contributor Hijlko added this useful improvement. With it, you can import CSV files containing values that use non-comma separators like semicolons. Standard US csv uses a comma as a field separator while most European csv’s use a semicolon as a […]