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Contributing to the Code in Flow Projects

One of the coolest things I’m seeing as UnofficialSF grows is admin turning into beginner developers and beginner developers turning into better and better developers. A key milestone on this pathway is creating your first pull request. A Pull Request is a very badly named thing that should be called a Code Submission. It represents […]

Rich Text Input – Flow Screen Component

Updated 1/20. Cleanup. converted to LWC. This is an extremely simple port of the standard inputRichText control to work as a Flow Screen Component. How It Works This component exposes a single attribute called “value”. It can be used both as an input parameter to set the starting values and as an output parameter to pass out […]

Post Rich Chatter – Process Action

This action posts to chatter in a way similar to the built-in Post to Chatter action. It supports the subset of rich text that Chatter supports. You can pass it a Text Template with rich text formatting, or simply provide it with some HTML text. This is an invocable action, also known as a process […]

Wire Service Considerations when using LWC and Flow

Wire services fire initially before any flow data is loaded into an lwc’s public properties. If you’re using flow inputs to drive those wire services, like this: …keep in mind that your function will have to deal with that initial result that comes back, which will often be something like undefined. What you want to […]

Packaging Invocable Actions

Author Credit: Eric Smith assisted in the development of this material Because invocable actions make great building blocks, there’s an increased risk that you’ll have a collision if you’re using unmanaged packages, so managed packages are generally recommended (and unless you have IP you want to keep confidential, we also recommend you simultaneously make the […]