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The Horizontal Rule Flow Screen Component

Note: this is not an official Salesforce product and is not supported by Salesforce. Built a simple component recently that provides flow screens with this simplest of html entities. The wrinkle is that it’s styleable, providing an effective, colorful section header. Check out the video.

September Content Report — Flow and Components

In which we draw your attention to great things being written: Delete Records Using Process Builder Using the new Page Reference mechanic to pass query parameters from URLs into Lightning Components A great tutorial on Flow Stages by Jennifer Lee Another great tutorial by Jennifer Lee on Local Flow Actions Arnab’s introductory blog post covering […]

Salesforce Lightning Flow — Using Advanced SOQL

December 2019 UPDATE: The first actions that take advantage of Spring ’20 enhancements to enables SOQL queries in Flow without needing to create any Apex are starting to get published. Learn more. It’s surprisingly straightforward to add a complex SOQL query to your Lightning Flow. The process involves creating a simple Apex class that carries […]

New Flow Content

Flow Builder Posts Check out Arnab Bose’s post on the new Flow Builder. Arnab heads up product management for Lightning Flow. The new Flow Builder is part of this Platform press release, as well. New Flow Solutions Category on App Exchange A new Flow Solutions section has been added to the AppExchange. This includes a range of […]

See the New Official Screen Components online on Tuesday at Release Readiness Live

Stimulated by demand and response from these unofficial community components, Salesforce has finished adding a new batch of official screen components to the upcoming Winter ’19 release. I’ll be demonstrating them at the Release Readiness Live Platform broadcast on Tuesday 9/18: Almost all of this batch derives in some way from the unofficial community work […]

Building Expressions in Strategy Crafter

Expressions are used in several NBA elements to determine at run-time which propositions should be allowed to flow through. You can build expressions one of two ways: Formula Mode provides a text box into which you can enter any expression that the Salesforce formula engine is capable of processing. Builder Mode provides a point-and-click way […]

July Flow Update

Disclaimer: Content and opinions are my own and not the views of my employer. The software discussed here is not official Salesforce software. Some nice Flow-related posts from the community Terrence Chiu with a great example that incorporates both the lightning:datatable component and record:editForm. Part 1 Part 2 Rich Engelhard has a two-part post that […]

Salesforce Lightning Flow Extensions — June Update

Disclaimer: Content and opinions are my own and not the views of my employer. The software discussed here is not official Salesforce software. New Image component brings Images, Borders, CSS Styling, Padding, Margins and much more to Flow Screens Watch the video Read the Blog Post. 2. Lookup has been updated to fix some nasty […]

The New Image Flow Screen Component

Note: This is not an official Salesforce posting or an official piece of Salesforce technology. Watch the video. I will be the first to admit that it’s not like you couldn’t put an image in a flow screen before now. The techniques are out there, but the pathways have been, shall we say, convoluted. Here’s […]

Transitioning Spring ’18 Local Actions to Summer ’18

This Pilot Update is for Salesforce customers participating in the Spring ’18 pilot for Flow Local Actions. Local Actions that run on Spring ’18 orgs are not compatible with Summer ’18. Summer ’18 versions of the sample actions made available as part of the pilot are available on this site and will need to be […]