From Justin Condren: Use Flow with Salesforce ‘Pay Now’ to Collect Payments Anywhere on Salesforce

Salesforce has just launched Pay Now, a new product that embeds commerce everywhere. It’s a faster, simpler way to collect payments without the need for a full commerce storefront. 

Pay Now allows you to generate payment links in a snap, attach them to any Salesforce object, and send them off to your customers wherever they are. Voila, you’ve just created a revenue-generating transaction that can be dispatched across any channel.

Pay Now makes any object in Salesforce “payable”. Therefore, Pay Now is designed to be an embeddable building block for Salesforce Admins to embed into their workflows. 

Thanks to its embeddable nature, the sky’s the limit for potential use cases of Pay Now. Here are a few key use cases of Pay Now:

  • Collect payments for quotes to cash workflows (Invoices, Quotes, etc.).
  • Send payment links via your social channels like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.
  • Incorporate payments right into your Field Service Reports.
  • Push out payment links through those handy chatbots.
  • Encourage payments within your marketing email campaigns.

In this article, we’re going to zero in on the Quote to Cash example, showcasing just how powerful Pay Now can be when used with Flow. 

For those of you keen to see Pay Now in action within Salesforce Field Service, we’ve got you covered. Check out this video:

How Does Pay Now Work?

Pay Now comes with two building blocks out of the box. These building blocks are the defining factors of your Salesforce user and buyer experiences. 

  1. Payment Link Object

The Payment Link Object creates your Payment Links. You are able to specify the Amount, Currency Code, Payment Method Set (Credit Card, Apple Pay, etc.), Title and Description. 

Once you create a Payment Link record, it is available within the Payment Links list view. From here, the Payment Link record displays all relevant information regarding the Payment Link. 

  1. Pay Now Experience Cloud Template

Once the Payment Link Record is created, the buyer must access the page to complete their payment. 

Once the payment is completed, the buyer is directed to the Payment Confirmation page.

Use Case: Quote to Cash Workflow

Here’s a demo to show how Pay Now can be neatly embedded into Quote to Cash workflows. This will allow you to collect payments without straying from the Salesforce platform.


The Flow works by embedding the Screen Flow into a Quick Action on the Quote Record Page Layout. 

The first step of the Flow is to get the context of the Quote from which it is being called. This is done by using a “Get Records” in which the Quote Id is the Id of the Record from which the Screen Flow is triggered.

Next, we collect the necessary information from the user. We use some default values from the Quote object to save time here. 

Next, we use Get and Create Records actions to do the following tasks: Retrieve the Payment Method Set ID, Generate the Payment Link Record, and retrieve the URL from the newly created Payment Link.

Next, we display the Payment Link URL on the screen to the user, giving them the option to copy the URL to their clipboard using the UnofficialSF Copy to Clipboard extension. 

If the user decides to send an email containing the Payment Link, then we leverage the UnofficialSF Send Better Email action. After retrieving the Quote PDF associated with the Quote Record, we send an email to the Quote contact including the Payment Link with the Quote PDF attached.

How to Access Pay Now

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about Pay Now, reach out to your Account Executive.